Maruti Swift Godfather Has Air Suspension & Amazing Music System

Maruti Swift Godfather Has Air Suspension & Amazing Music System

Certain commendable car modifications are absolutely worthy of a glance and the heavily modified Maruti Swift Godfather needs to be given all the credit. This typical Maruti Suzuki Swift carries the honour of being the first-ever bagged Swift in India. For those who are new to this term, bagging a car means replacing its stock suspension with an air suspension that can be controlled at will.

Bagging has different grades as some prefer raising and lowering one end at a time while others create such a system that each individual corner can be controlled freely. This setup from Viair allows the suspension to enjoy variable levels of setting at different roads and more than that, it allows this typical ‘Swift Godfather’ to achieve that 'Need for Speed' race car looks.

Modified Maruti Swift Godfather
Modified Maruti Swift Godfather with Butterfly Doors & Air Suspension

Pushing everything to the limits, this customized Swift Godfather features 18-inch 'J Emotion R' alloy wheels shod with an extra-wide set of 215/35-18 tyres. The NKS widebody kit offers all-new bumpers at both ends that mimic race cars to some extent. The front end of the Swift Godfather features an all-new bonnet design and more than that, the grille looks quite unique with silver inserts and space for the number plate.

The headlights of the stock model have been replaced with custom units that offer LED daytime running lights and projectors. The hatchback has been further equipped with splitters at both ends while the rear-lower half feels more like an imaginary Lamborghini hatchback for sure. The side skirts and the dual stainless steel exhausts are also pretty visible and add on to the unique look of the car.

Modified Maruti Swift Godfather Interior
Interior of Modified Maruti Swift Godfather

The large functional spoiler can be seen complementing the overall sporty look of this Swift. Some of the other noticeable features include a Webasto sunroof, an aftermarket audio system with large woofers mounted on a custom-built platform, butterfly doors and exterior colour-coded interior inserts. The modifiers have tastefully added red inserts into the interior as the colour flows through the pillars to the boot area.

No performance upgrade for this Maruti Swift has been mentioned by the modifier while they have successfully added a second rearview mirror with a camera display in addition to a touchscreen infotainment system. The car belongs to Roshan Francis from Kerala, who has spent close to Rs 10 lakhs on the modification of his Maruti Swift diesel.

Maruti Swift Godfather Photos