Kia Carens Achieves 3-Star Global NCAP Rating in Recent Tests

Kia Carens Achieves 3-Star Global NCAP Rating in Recent Tests

The Kia Carens recently underwent Global NCAP's updated crash tests, earning a three-star rating. Despite appearing to mirror its previous test results, Kia proactively subjected the Carens to the stringent standards implemented in 2022. Global NCAP disclosed that the Carens was evaluated twice under these criteria, initially receiving a zero-star rating for adult occupancy protection.

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Kia Carens Rating

Kia Carens Adult Occupancy Protection Rating

During its assessment under the new protocols, the Carens was criticized for inadequate neck protection for the driver, while the protection for the driver’s chest and the knees of both the driver and front passenger was deemed marginal. These findings led to the initial zero-star rating for models produced between May 2, 2023, and December 11, 2023. Following this, Kia made swift enhancements to the vehicle's neck protection and restraint systems which significantly improved its performance in subsequent tests. Vehicles manufactured post-December 11, 2023, saw their adult occupancy protection (AOP) rating increase to three stars, achieving a score of 22.07 out of 34. However, Global NCAP noted that the outcome did not meet their expectations given the standard inclusion of six airbags in the Carens. It was also noted that the vehicle's bodyshell integrity was compromised during frontal impacts, and no side pole impact tests were conducted due to the three-star achievement. Additionally, while seatbelt reminders are standard for both the first and second rows, they only meet the requirements for the front row.

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Kia Carens Testing

Kia Carens Child Occupancy Protection Rating

The Carens also showed an improvement in its child occupancy protection (COP) rating, evolving from a four-star rating with a score of 40.92 out of 49 in the first round of tests to a five-star rating with a score of 41 out of 49 in the second round, following the enhancements in its restraint system. Standard safety features across all Carens models include six airbags, electronic stability control (ESC), rear parking sensors, hill-start assist, rear disc brakes, three-point seat belts for all seats, and ISOFIX anchors.

We have contacted Kia for comments regarding the vehicles manufactured between May and December 2023 (VINs MZBGD813LPN099741 to MZBGD813LPN144399) and will provide updates as they become available. Additionally, Global NCAP has released new test results for the Honda Amaze and Mahindra Bolero Neo.