Introduction to Honda Elevate Pet Edition

Introduction to Honda Elevate Pet Edition

Honda has introduced a special edition of their Elevate model, tailored specifically for pet owners. Named the Honda Elevate Pet Edition, this car version is equipped with a variety of accessories designed to enhance the comfort and safety of pets during travel.

Unveiling at the Interpet Exhibition

The new range of pet accessories was unveiled at the 13th Interpet Exhibition in Tokyo, a prominent event focusing on pet lifestyles. In Japan, where pets are deeply cherished as part of cultural traditions, such exhibitions are significant. They reflect the high regard for pets, evident in the premium pet care and accessories available in the country.

Introduction to Honda Elevate Pet Edition - photograph
Honda Elevate Pet Edition

Range of Pet Accessories

Key highlights from the new accessory line include the Pet Seat Plus Dog 2, a foldable seat that accommodates two small dogs and can be attached to the front passenger seat, retailing for approximately ?12,000. For the rear seat, a special seat carriage is available for small to medium-sized dogs, priced at about ?13,800. Additionally, a gray pet door lining cover is offered for around ?3,600, and a pet buggy that fits into the car's boot.

Decorative and Functional Accessories

The accessories also include pet-themed decorations such as a pet emblem and interior stickers priced around ?2,400 and ?2,100, respectively. Wheel centre caps can be adorned with paw designs, costing between ?4,200 and ?4,800. Moreover, pet key covers and a gear shift knob decorated with paw motifs are available for ?2,400 and ?6,000, respectively.

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Honda Elevate Pet Edition

Safety and Pricing

Honda Access, the accessories' manufacturer, advises using these products with a leash to prevent pets from jumping out of the car. This new range of pet-friendly accessories from Honda not only makes traveling with pets more enjoyable and stylish but also ensures their safety and comfort. The pricing is considered reasonable for the Japanese market, catering to pet owners who seek the best for their furry friends.