Introducing Royal Enfield Wingman Connected Vehicle Feature

Introducing Royal Enfield Wingman Connected Vehicle Feature


Royal Enfield, a stalwart in the motorcycle industry, has recently unveiled its latest marvel - the Wingman connected vehicle feature. This is making its debut alongside the Super Meteor 650 and is set to elevate the standard for connected riding experiences on Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Compatibility and Availability

Wingman, a technological marvel, caters to a diverse audience by ensuring compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms. Access to its array of features is facilitated through the user-friendly RE app. While currently exclusive to Indian customers, Royal Enfield has ambitious plans to extend the availability of Wingman to a broader global audience. For those securing a booking for the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 post-November 16th, the Wingman feature is seamlessly integrated as a standard offering, albeit accompanied by a modest Rs. 6500 price increment. Existing bike owners, keen on experiencing the benefits of Wingman, have the option to purchase and retrofit this feature, albeit at an additional cost.

Key Features of Wingman

Wingman, a technological tour de force, offers a comprehensive suite of real-time information, accessible through an intuitive dashboard embedded within the RE app. This includes important information about battery conditions, fuel levels, and proactive servicing notifications, and beyond these necessities, customers can enjoy extras like enhanced GPS capabilities and engine on/off notifications. The latter not only enables precise location tracking but also includes last-parked location tracking and a novel "walk-to-my-motorcycle" feature, adding a layer of convenience to the rider's experience.

Ride Insights and Notifications

Beyond its core functions, Wingman sets itself apart by giving consumers comprehensive insights into their everyday rides. The ability to analyze riding habits and obtain a multitude of trip data, such as detailed information on ride routes, top speed reached, average speed, and notable alerts for sudden acceleration or braking, is available to riders.

Royal Enfield GRID Support

One of Wingman's standout features lies in its seamless integration with the Royal Enfield GRID support system. This not only provides riders with proactive guidance and real-time alerts related to their vehicle's health but also establishes a dedicated customer support team. This team proactively reaches out to customers in the event of detected technical issues with their motorcycles. Furthermore, riders can easily access GRID Support with a single click on the app, ensuring assistance is readily available during their rides, regardless of their location within the country.


The all-new Royal Enfield Wingman is a feature that is both comprehensive and easy to use, greatly improving the entire riding experience and safety for fans of the brand all over the world.