India-bound Maruti Swift engine details revealed

India-bound Maruti Swift engine details revealed

Now, with the revelation of specifications, including the new 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol powerplant (Z12E) from Suzuki's Z Series, enthusiasts have even more reasons to anticipate the upcoming Swift.For the Japanese market, the Swift’s 1,197cc, 12-valve DOHC engine makes 82hp at 5,700rpm and 108Nm at 4,500rpm, and for now, there’s only a CVT gearbox is available. Suzuki also offers a mild-hybrid option that is said to add 3.1hp and 60Nm of torque from a DC synchronous motor. The fuel efficiency figures for the standard and mild-hybrid Swift are 23.4kpl and 24.5kpl, respectively, on the WLTP cycle.

Key Points

1.The Heart of the Swift: Z12E Engine Details:At the core of the excitement lies the Z12E engine, a 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol powerhouse. Suzuki's Z Series of engines is renowned for its performance and efficiency, and the Swift's new engine is no exception.

2.Power Unleashed: Outputs and Performance:Suzuki has unveiled the power outputs of the Z12E engine, giving enthusiasts a glimpse into the Swift's performance capabilities.

3.Seamless Transitions: Gearbox Details:Understanding the importance of a responsive and smooth driving experience, Suzuki has also disclosed gearbox details for the new Swift.

4.Efficiency Redefined: Mileage Figures:In an era where fuel efficiency is a key consideration for consumers, Suzuki's disclosure of mileage figures for the Japan-spec Swift adds another layer of appeal.

5.Global Unveiling: Tokyo Motor Show Debut:The anticipation for the new Swift began with its global unveiling at the prestigious Tokyo Motor Show in October. While the initial showcase created a buzz, the absence of engine specifications left enthusiasts yearning for more details.

6.India-Bound: What to Expect in 2024:As the Swift takes center stage in Japan, Indian enthusiasts have their eyes set on 2024 when the hatchback is slated for launch in the country. As India eagerly awaits the arrival of the Swift in 2024, the unveiled engine details offer a tantalizing preview of what's to come.

7.Powerful Performance:The new Swift's 1.2-litre Z12E engine packs a punch with 82hp and 108Nm of torque, ensuring a dynamic driving experience.

8.Mild Hybrid Boost:Opting for the Swift mild hybrid variant unlocks an additional 3hp and 60Nm of torque, enhancing both power and efficiency.

9.Efficiency at its Best:The WLTP-rated figures showcase impressive fuel efficiency, standing at 23.4kpl for the standard model and a slightly higher 24.5kpl for the mild-hybrid variant.

10.Engine Specs for Japan:In the Japanese market, the Swift's 1,197cc, 12-valve DOHC engine delivers a robust 82hp at 5,700rpm and 108Nm at 4,500rpm, offering a balance of performance and practicality.

11. Transmission Excellence:Currently, the Swift in Japan comes exclusively with a CVT gearbox, ensuring a smooth and responsive driving experience.

12. Eco-Friendly Driving Option:Suzuki caters to environmentally conscious drivers with a mild-hybrid option, featuring a DC synchronous motor that adds 3.1hp and 60Nm of torque.

13. Global Standards:The Swift adheres to WLTP cycle testing, reflecting its commitment to meeting international standards for both standard and mild-hybrid models.

14. Dual Fuel Efficiency:The standard Swift achieves an impressive 23.4kpl, while the mild-hybrid variant takes it a step further with a fuel efficiency rating of 24.5kpl, catering to those prioritizing eco-friendly driving without compromising performance.

We had reported on how the volumetric efficiency and torque of the Z Series engines would be an improvement over the K Series units, but that would also result in the Z12 losing out on the K12’s free-revving nature. Instead, the new three-pot engine is said to focus on stronger pulling power at the bottom end of its rev range. For some perspective, the current K12 engine in the Swift – which is a four-cylinder unit displacing 1,197cc – develops 90hp at 6,000rpm and 113Nm at 4,400rpm. As is the case for the Suzuki Swift for Japan, 4WD versions will also be offered. 

India-bound Maruti Swift powertrain details

While the Swift that is coming to India in the second half of 2024 will have the same Z12E engine, the power outputs and fuel-efficiency figures are unknown. There will most likely be a mild hybrid option available at launch, but we don’t expect the CVT gearbox to come to India. The next-gen Swift would most likely continue with an AMT transmission, along with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The Swift headed to India will also be FWD only. Road testing in India for the Swift has already begun and we expect some details on the next-gen car to be announced in the coming months.