Honda's 2024 Lineup: Activa Electric, CB350 Cruiser, NX500 Adventure, and More

Honda's 2024 Lineup: Activa Electric, CB350 Cruiser, NX500 Adventure, and More

Honda gave us an exciting 2023 with launches, updates and price cuts on some of their offerings. For 2024, we expect Honda to continue this pace and bring some really interesting new models. Sets the stage for the excitement surrounding Honda's 2024 lineup, featuring the highly anticipated Activa Electric, the stylish CB350-based Cruiser, the adventurous NX500, and more. Highlights the brand's commitment to innovation, diversity, and meeting the evolving demands of riders in the upcoming year.

1. Activa Electric

Honda will likely launch its first EV in India, an electric scooter, in early 2024. In order to ensure the familiarity factor, it could be called the Honda Activa electric. We’d already covered all the EVs expected to be launched in India in 2024.

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Activa Electric
  • Familiarity Meets Innovation: Explores how Honda leverages the well-established Activa brand to introduce the Activa Electric, paving the way for sustainable commuting.
  • Detailed Insight: Invites readers to delve into a dedicated story for intricate details, covering specifications, features, and the potential impact on the electric scooter segment.

2. CB350-based Cruiser

?Takes a closer look at Honda's stylish cruiser based on the popular CB350 platform.  Honda had launched the Honda CB350 in 2023 now the manufacturer has 3 distinct offerings in the 350cc neo-retro segment, from the proper neo-retro H’ness CB350 to a Scrambler-style offering, the CB350RS and now a retro roadster, the Honda CB350. The new bike is a direct competitor to the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Now the next natural way of progression in the 350cc lineup will be a cruiser bike. So for 2024 we expect Honda to come out with a cruiser based on the CB350 platform that will compete with the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and the Yezdi Roadster.

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CB350-based Cruiser

The bike will be powered by the same engine that we have seen on the H’ness CB350, CB350RS and the new CB350 which is a 348.36cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that produces 21.07PS and 30Nm. Expect it to have a slightly raked out front, along with tweaked body panels to go with the cruiser theme.

  • Evolution in the 350cc Segment: Traces Honda's journey in the 350cc neo-retro segment, from the H’ness CB350 to the CB350RS and the new CB350, setting the stage for an anticipated cruiser launch.
  • Cruiser Aesthetics: Teases the potential design elements, including a slightly raked-out front and tweaked body panels, offering a glimpse into the cruiser's aesthetics.

3. NX500 Adventure

Ventures into the adventurous side of Honda with the NX500, designed for off-road enthusiasts.The Honda NX500 is a middleweight adventure bike from the Japanese manufacturer and according to our sources the bike will be launched in India by early 2024, so somewhere around January-end or in February. 

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NX500 Adventure

The NX500 will be powered by a 471cc, liquid-cooled parallel twin engine that produces 47PS and 43Nm. In terms of features it will come with a TFT console,traction control, among others. It may not be as off-road friendly as the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450. This is because the NX500 rolls on 19-inch alloy at the front and a 17-inch alloy wheel in the rear. 

  • Middleweight Adventure Power: Unveils the NX500 adventure bike with a 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine, TFT console, and traction control, catering to adventure enthusiasts.
  • Affordability Factor: Highlights the on-road price of Rs 7.5 lakh, positioning the NX500 as Honda's most affordable multi-cylinder adventure bike.

4.  Updated CB650R and CBR650R: E-Clutch Tech Revolution

  • Elevating Riding Experience: Showcases the upgraded CB650R and CBR650R, emphasizing design and feature tweaks, along with the revolutionary E-Clutch tech for enhanced riding dynamics.
  • Supersport Evolution: Explores how these updates elevate the supersport siblings, providing enthusiasts with an advanced and exhilarating riding experience.
Honda's 2024 Lineup: Activa Electric, CB350 Cruiser, NX500 Adventure, and More - picture
Updated CB650R and CBR650R

5. Honda's Vision for 2024: Beyond Individual Models

  • Innovation Hub: Examines Honda's broader vision for 2024, focusing on innovation and adaptation to stay at the forefront of technology and design.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Discusses Honda's commitment to shaping the future of riding by adapting to evolving market trends and consumer expectations.

7. Industry Impact and Expectations: Shaping the Riding Landscape

  • Market Dynamics: Analyzes the potential impact of Honda's 2024 lineup on the automotive industry, considering market trends and consumer expectations.
  • Diverse Riding Experiences: Explores how the new releases align with changing preferences, technology advancements, and the growing demand for diverse riding experiences.

Riding into 2024 with Honda's Dynamic Lineup

Summarizes the key features and highlights discussed in the article, capturing the essence of Honda's dynamic lineup for 2024.  Honda showcased the new and updated Honda CB650R and its supersport sibling, the Honda CBR650R at EICMA 2024. The two motorcycles get tweaks both in the design and feature departments. More importantly, it gets E-Clutch tech which essentially uses two electric motors linked to a standalone ECU to engage and disengage the clutch. This should make city commutes easier.