Honda Elevate SUV Launch in Japan as 2024 Honda WR-V

Honda Elevate SUV Launch in Japan as 2024 Honda WR-V


 Honda has recently unveiled its latest SUV, the 2024 Honda WR-V, in Japan. This model, known as Elevate in India, shares many similarities but comes with specific modifications to cater to the preferences of the Japanese market.

Exterior Design and Features: Elevate's Transformation into 2024 Honda WR-V

The exterior design of the 2024 Honda WR-V in Japan mirrors that of its Indian counterpart, the Elevate. Notable features include a prominent front grille, LED projector headlamps with integrated DRLs, R17 dual-tone diamond-cut alloy wheels, and a robust rear profile with LED tail lamps. However, the Japan-spec model lacks a sunroof, showcasing regional variations in consumer preferences. The color options in Japan are limited to five monotone shades, differing from the seven monotone and three dual-tone options available in India. A unique Crystal Black Pearl color is exclusive to the Japanese version.

Interior Styling: All-Black Theme and Technological Features

Inside the 2024 Honda WR-V in Japan, an all-black theme adds a sporty touch to the interior. While the touchscreen seems similar to the Indian version, specific size details are yet to be disclosed. Notably, the Japanese model does not feature wireless charging, a distinction from the Elevate in India.

Performance and Specifications: Consistency Across Markets

Both the Japanese and Indian versions of the 2024 Honda WR-V (Elevate) share a 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated inline-four i-VTEC petrol engine. Generating 121 PS of power and 145 Nm of torque, all variants in Japan are expected to be equipped with a CVT gearbox, powering the front wheels. In India, the Elevate offers a choice between a 6-speed manual and CVT unit. Despite these variations, the fundamental equipment remains largely consistent, with possible adjustments to cater to local needs.

Connectivity and Safety Features: Honda's Technological Offerings

The 2024 Honda WR-V in Japan comes equipped with the Honda Connect suite, offering features such as remote functions, in-car Wi-Fi, an anti-theft system, car health diagnostics, and an emergency support center. Additionally, the Honda Sensing suite provides a comprehensive range of safety features, including collision mitigation brake, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping support, and a parking sensor system.


In summary, the 2024 Honda WR-V in Japan, born from the Indian Elevate model, showcases Honda's adaptability to diverse consumer preferences. While maintaining a core design and performance, specific modifications cater to the distinctive tastes and needs of the Japanese market. It exemplifies the fascinating global variations in automotive offerings.