Honda City Prices Increased in January 2024: A Thorough Analysis of Changes

Honda City Prices Increased in January 2024: A Thorough Analysis of Changes


In a notable development, Honda Cars India has recently implemented a significant adjustment in the pricing structure of its vehicles, specifically affecting the fifth-generation City model from January 2024. This modification entails a consistent and across-the-board price increment of Rs. 8,000, applicable uniformly across all variants of the Honda City, thereby establishing a standardized pricing framework for potential buyers. It's essential to highlight that this price adjustment does not extend to the recently introduced Elegance Edition, which remains exempt from the increase.

In-Depth Examination of Variant-Wise Price Adjustments

To comprehend the nuanced impact on consumers, a detailed analysis of the variant-wise adjustments in ex-showroom prices becomes imperative:

  • SV MT: Rs. 11,70,900
  • V MT: Rs. 12,58,900

Elegance Edition MT: Rs. 12,57,400

  • VX MT: Rs. 13,70,900
  • V CVT: Rs. 13,83,900

Elegance Edition CVT: Rs. 13,82,400

  • ZX MT: Rs. 14,93,900
  • VX CVT: Rs. 14,95,900
  • ZX CVT: Rs. 16,18,900


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Insight into Starting Price and Features

Against the backdrop of these alterations, the starting price for the Honda City in India now stands at Rs. 11.71 lakh (ex-showroom). Beyond the pricing dynamics, the mid-size sedan continues to stand out with its diverse array of features distributed across its various variants, ensuring that buyers receive a comprehensive and satisfying driving experience tailored to their preferences and requirements.

Unveiling the Impressive Performance Under the Hood

A critical facet deserving attention is the mechanical prowess housed under the hood of the Honda City. The sedan is propelled by a robust 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine, seamlessly coupled with either a six-speed manual transmission or a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox. Emphasizing its commitment to stringent environmental standards, this engine is in compliance with the BS6 emission norms. Beyond regulatory adherence, the finely tuned engine manifests in an impressive performance, generating 119bhp and 145Nm of peak torque.

Balancing Act: Features, Performance, and Price Dynamics

Despite the moderate increase in prices, the Honda City maintains its standing as a compelling choice in its segment. It not only offers an enticing blend of performance and efficiency but also presents an extensive array of features. This intricate balance between features, performance, and pricing aims to cater to the diverse preferences and expectations of consumers in the dynamic automotive market.

This comprehensive overview aims to equip potential buyers with an exhaustive understanding of the recent adjustments in the pricing of the Honda City, facilitating informed decision-making in a landscape characterized by evolving consumer demands and market dynamics.