Honda CB Unicorn Alpha Edition by Maverick Designs (Ghaziabad)

Honda CB Unicorn Alpha Edition by Maverick Designs (Ghaziabad)

Maverick Designs presented an aggressively modified Honda CB Unicorn 150 named Alpha on their Instagram page. A unique product in itself, Alpha will definitely be a hard guess for the majority of Indian fans. The decent looking commuter now flaunts a street fighter specific fuel tank with certain aspects borrowed from a cafe racer while others from a scrambler. The stock bike was completely dismantled before placing their custom-built parts for the Alpha. The fuel tank is higher than usual, carrying visual craters on the front side with motorcycle branding on them. The front headlight cowl is another great attraction on the Alpha. The modifier has used round aftermarket unit with twin projector headlights within the same. The front suspension is stock and comes with rubberized covers for a premium feel. Along with the suspension, the front alloy wheel and the tire were also kept stock for no problems while riding. A wider rear tire can be seen on the Alpha, wrapped on the stock alloy wheel with an orange finish. The rear sub-frame has been altered to achieve a single seat feel with a custom stitched seat that features better padding and finish. The tire comes with an independent hugger and no rear fender. The modifications have resulted in both number plates being moved to the left side of the bike. Using a crash protector, Maverick Designs also got a perfect space to place that LED fog light on the right side. Honda Unicorn 150 is India’s most selling premium commuter with a 149cc, single cylinder engine, producing 12.73 bhp at 8000 rpm and useful 12.80 Nm of torque at just 5500 rpm. The stock bike weighs 145 kg, hinting at a total reduction of around 10 kg from the Alpha. The front disc brake was kept standard for safer overall braking. To know the cost of Alpha from Maverick Designs, you can use the below-given contact details.

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What is the seating capacity of the Yamaha Alpha scooter?
2023-09-11 06:45:31 AM

The Yamaha Alpha scooter is designed for two passengers, with a spacious and comfortable seat that allows for a rider and a pillion passenger.

How is the storage capacity of the Yamaha Alpha scooter?
2023-09-11 06:44:11 AM

The Yamaha Alpha scooter features a sizable under-seat storage compartment, which is ideal for storing small items such as a helmet, groceries, or personal belongings. It offers convenience for daily tasks and commuting.

Is the Yamaha Alpha suitable for long rides or touring?
2023-09-11 06:42:00 AM

While the Yamaha Alpha is primarily designed for city commuting, some riders do use it for short-distance rides. However, its compact size and limited storage space may not provide the same level of comfort and convenience as larger touring scooters for long journeys.

What is the engine displacement of the Yamaha Alpha scooter?
2023-09-11 06:40:17 AM

The Yamaha Alpha is powered by a 113cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine.

How is the Yamaha Alpha compared to Honda Activa or other scooties in the same range.Is it a good purchase?
2023-02-03 12:06:37 PM

Activa and Access 125 have been among the most popular scooters in India for many years now. They have a solid performance and are well known for their reliable performance. Yamaha Alpha, on the other hand, is a relatively new scooter and is not as popular as the other two. However, it still offers a good performance and is a great option if you are looking for a scooter with good power and excellent handling.