Hero's Scooter Endeavor

Hero's Scooter Endeavor


Hero MotoCorp, a prominent player in the entry-level motorcycle segment, is set to make significant inroads into the scooter market with its latest offerings—the Hero Xoom 125R and Xoom 160. Despite prior successes in motorcycles, the company is keen on expanding its reach and dominance in the scooter segment through innovative design and enhanced features.

Hero Xoom 125R: Sporty Elegance

The Hero Xoom 125R emerges as a compelling contender, poised to compete with the TVS Ntorq in the 125cc segment. This scooter stands out with its unique design elements, including a majestic, multi-layered front fascia, a full-width headlamp, eye-catching handlebar cowl, and muscular side panels. The sporty upswept exhaust and 14-inch wheels contribute to a distinct profile, enabling smooth navigation through urban streets and rough road conditions alike. With its wide and comfortable seats, the Xoom 125R becomes an appealing choice for those seeking a stylish companion for daily commutes.

Hero Xoom 160: The SUV of 2-Wheelers

Positioned as Hero's new flagship model, the Xoom 160 aims to be a versatile machine suitable for both urban streets and mild off-road explorations. Its design features, including a signature front beak, dual headlamp setup, large windscreen, and sharp body panelling, contribute to an aggressive yet functional aesthetic. The addition of a dedicated rear rack for a top box enhances its utility. Hero boldly labels it as the 'SUV of 2-wheelers,' indicating its prowess in blending style with performance. Competing with models like Yamaha Aerox 155 and Aprilia SXR 160, the Xoom 160 promises an exciting new choice for scooter enthusiasts.

Performance Specifications: Power and Connectivity

  • The Hero Xoom 125R is equipped with a slightly detuned version of the 125cc engine found in the Maestro Edge 125 and Destini 125. This engine delivers 9.37 bhp of maximum power and 10.14 Nm of peak torque, ensuring a balance of performance and efficiency. On the other hand, the Xoom 160 features a 156cc liquid-cooled engine, with specific power and torque details yet to be disclosed. Both scooters incorporate i3S and ABS for enhanced safety.
  • Connectivity is a key focus for these models, with digital instrumentation and a range of features accessible through the Hero Connect App. Geofencing, live tracking, remote immobilization, battery removal alert, location sharing, accident and topple alert, speed alert, and SOS alerts (panic button) are among the connectivity features. Additionally, users can benefit from vehicle diagnostics, roadside assistance, service booking, and trip analysis.

Global Expansion: Beyond Domestic Boundaries

In a strategic move, Hero MotoCorp plans to introduce the Xoom 125R and Xoom 160 not only in the domestic market but also across overseas locations. This reflects the company's intensified focus on exports and its confidence in these globally competitive scooters. The anticipated launch in India is slated for the first or second quarter of CY2024, heralding a new era for Hero MotoCorp and its endeavors in the dynamic scooter market.