Meet Hero Thriller 200S: The Rebadged Version of Xtreme 200S

Meet Hero Thriller 200S: The Rebadged Version of Xtreme 200S

Hero Thriller 200S is the official name for Xtreme 200S in Columbia. The motorcycle is exported as a CBU from India, leaving the assembly line with just a different Thriller branded sticker in place of the Xtreme branding. The name Thriller already existed in the international market as the India-spec Hunk is sold in Columbia as Thriller Pro while the Xtreme Sports can be bought with the name Thriller Sports. The popular Xtreme 200R is available with the name Thriller 200R in the country. Along with the Thriller 200S, Hero MotoCorp has also launched the XPulse 200 and the XPulse 200T in Columbia. The brand is yet to list their three new products on the official website in Columbia. The xPulse series will retain the same name in all global markets. Apart from these, Hero Motocorp retails HF series with the name ECO and Glamour with the name Ignitor in the Columbian market. Maestro Edge is called Dash while Splendor is the only motorcycle to get the same name on the current lineup. The three new products will take the total number of bikes to 12 for Columbia, while the Indian market has 26 Hero MotoCorp products. Hero Thriller 200S is powered by the same 199.6cc, single cylinder air-cooled carburetted engine, producing a maximum power of 18.4 HP at 8000 rpm and a maximum torque of 17.1 Nm at 6500 rpm. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox. As the shades visible on most of the motorcycles on the official Columbian website are different in comparison to the Indian market counterparts, the Thriller 200S is also expected to get new vibrant shades in addition to the sports red colour. The Red shade from Hero MotoCorp remains intact on most of the models. The lightweight fairing and new LED headlight on the Thriller 200S make it a great option over the regular 200R with halogen illumination. All modern Hero motorcycles are available with a diamond frame and all-digital instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity.

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