First Look: Upcoming 2024 Suzuki Access 125 Undergoing Tests

First Look: Upcoming 2024 Suzuki Access 125 Undergoing Tests

The 2024 Suzuki Access 125, a popular choice among scooters in India, was recently spotted during testing, revealing several updates and new features ahead of its expected launch. Here’s a closer look at what the new model has to offer:

Design and Features

The updated Access 125 showcases a new rectangular LED headlight, combining a classic and modern aesthetic. The scooter's apron has been redesigned for a sharper look, featuring a new cubby hole with a light reflector—moved from its previous position on the left side. This model introduces a hazard light function, a notable safety enhancement, and is likely to include an LED taillight.

First Look: Upcoming 2024 Suzuki Access 125 Undergoing Tests - closeup
2024 Suzuki Access 125 Undergoing Tests

Comfort and Build

Significant attention has been given to rider comfort in the 2024 model. The scooter sports a newly designed seat and retains its original grabrail. However, the pillion footrest has been redesigned to be flatter enhancing comfort for passengers. The heatshield on the exhaust has also been updated, now shorter and broader.

Performance and Specifications

While retaining its familiar blacked-out wheels and front fork, the scooter continues to ride on 10-inch rear and 12-inch front alloy wheels. Notably, the rear wheel size remains unchanged, despite updates like the 12-inch wheels on the Suzuki Burgman Street EX. The braking system comprises a front disc and a rear drum brake.

The engine is expected to remain the same—a 124cc single-cylinder engine delivering 8.7PS and 10Nm of torque, coupled with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

First Look: Upcoming 2024 Suzuki Access 125 Undergoing Tests - photograph

Pricing and Launch

The 2024 Suzuki Access 125 is likely to see a price increase of about Rs 2,000 from its current models, which are priced at Rs 79,899 for the drum variant and Rs 84,700 for the disc variant (ex-showroom Delhi). The scooter is anticipated to hit the market around mid-2024.

This refresh of the Suzuki Access 125 represents Suzuki’s commitment to blending traditional design with modern technology and features maintaining its appeal in a competitive scooter market.