Bajaj Dominar vs. TVS Apache RR 310 vs. Mahindra Mojo 300

Bajaj Dominar vs. TVS Apache RR 310 vs. Mahindra Mojo 300

Dominar vs Apache RR 310 vs Mojo: Mahindra Mojo was the first product to understand the importance of premium components on its body. Almost an year later, India got Bajaj Dominar 400 for those who were not into the same premium game. While the name Dominar went viral soon, it never picked on the sales number expected by Bajaj Auto. Almost an year after the Dominar 400’s arrival, TVS Apache RR 310 was launched in India for INR 2.05 lakh and that too with everything as standard. It wins in terms of beauty for sure. [caption id="attachment_165203" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Dominar vs Apache RR 310 vs Mojo TVS Apache RR 310 (Akula)[/caption] Even after 2 years of its market presence, Mojo brought just 76 units in sale in October 2017. Dominar was good for 1652 units during the same period. All three of them are purely made in India and even the brands selling them are Indian by origin. All of them have their niche profit making segments and thus, experimentation becomes easy from their side. Bajaj Dominar has the smallest number in terms of price (non-ABS for INR 1.42 lakh, ABS for INR 1.56 lakh) and thus, the biggest in terms of sale. Mojo, on the other hand, is presently priced at INR 1.75 lakh.

Dominar vs Apache RR 310 vs Mojo

[caption id="attachment_165439" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Dominar vs Apache RR 310 vs Mojo Bajaj Dominar vs. TVS Apache RR 310 vs. Mahindra Mojo 300[/caption]

Price & Variants

Dominar RR 310 Mojo
Variants 2 Variants Single Variant Single Variant
Price (Ex-Sh) INR 1.42 Lakh INR 2.05 Lakh INR 1.75 Lakh
ABS INR 14,000 Standard ABS No ABS
Bajaj Dominar is the most powerful bike on paper, producing 35 HP and 35 Nm of torque from its 373.2 cc engine. Mojo is powered by a 294.7 cc engine producing 27 HP and 30 Nm of torque. TVS Apache RR 310 uses a 312.2 cc engine producing 34 HP and 27.2 Nm of torque. All three are equipped with 6-speed gearbox as standard. Dominar 400 and Mojo weighs 182 kg while RR 310 is the lightest at 169.5 kg. This makes it the quickest motorcycle to 100 kmph (7.17 seconds) among these three. [caption id="attachment_114254" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Dominar vs Apache RR 310 vs Mojo Bajaj Dominar 400[/caption]

Engine & Gearbox

Dominar vs Apache RR 310 vs Mojo
Dominar RR 310 Mojo
Engine 373.3 cc 312.2 cc 294.7 cc
Gearbox 6-Speed 6-Speed 6-Speed
Power 35 HP @ 8000 rpm 34 HP @ 9700 rpm 27 HP @ 8000 rpm
Torque 35 NM @ 6500 rpm 27.2 NM @ 6500 rpm 30 NM @ 5500 rpm
No. of Cyl 1-Cylinder  1-Cylinder 1-Cylinder
Cooling Liquid-Cooled Liquid-Cooled Liquid-Cooled

Performance & Mileage

Dominar RR 310 Mojo
0-100 kph 8.23 seconds 7.17 seconds 9.50 seconds
Top Speed 156 kmph 160 kmph 155 kmph
Mileage 30-35 kmpl 25-30 kmpl 30-35 kmpl
[caption id="attachment_10857" align="aligncenter" width="850"]Dominar vs Apache RR 310 vs Mojo Mahindra Mojo 300[/caption]

Dimensions & Weight

Dominar vs Apache RR 310 vs Mojo
Dominar RR 310 Mojo
Length 2156 mm 2001 mm 2100 mm
Width 813 mm 786 mm 800 mm
Height 1112 mm 1135 mm 1165 mm
Wheelbase 1453 mm 1365 mm 1465 mm
Ground Clr 157 mm 180 mm 173 mm
Seat Height 800 mm 810 mm 814 mm
Wet Weight 182 kg 169.5 kg 182 kg
Fuel Tank 13 litres 11 litres 21 litres
TVS Apache RR 310 is fully-faired sport bike, carrying ABS as standard and uses premium equipment for the added price tag. Design wise, Dominar 400 is a sports cruiser, Mahindra Mojo is a mild tourer and RR 310 is a pure sport bike. Bajaj Dominar comes with standard telescopic forks while both others are offered with USD premium forks. As far as tyres are concerned, Dominar uses MRF tyres while others offer Pirelli (Mojo) and Michelin (RR 310) tyres as standard.

Brakes, Suspension & Tyres

Dominar vs Apache RR 310 vs Mojo
Dominar RR 310 Mojo
Brake (F) 320mm Disc 300mm Disc 320mm Disc
Brake (R) 230mm Disc 240mm Disc 240mm Disc
Susp (F) Telescopic USD Forks USD Forks
Susp (R) Monoshock Monoshock Monoshock
Tyre (F) 110/70-R17 110/70-R17 110/70-R17
Tyre (F) 150/60-R17 150/60-R17 150/60-R17
Brand MRF Tyres Michelin Tyres Pirelli Tyres
ABS 2-Channel 2-Channel No ABS
Also, fairing helps it achieve 160 kmph of top speed with much ease. Bajaj Dominar is purely economical with almost everything that one needs at INR 1.56 lakh. It is safe, durable and comfortable for both rider as well as pillion. Mahindra Mojo has excellent on-road and mild off-road capability. Apache RR 310 looks comfortable for just the rider as pillion seat looks peanut size in front of both the others. Mahindra is even working on a Dominar 400 rival Mojo that will use lesser expensive parts for price reduction. [caption id="attachment_165356" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]BMW G310R vs TVS Akula BMW G310R vs TVS Apache RR 310[/caption] [caption id="attachment_165263" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]KTM RC 390 vs TVS Akula TVS Apache RR 310 vs. KTM RC 390[/caption]