Discover the Top 5 Features of Toyota Fortuner Leader Edition

Discover the Top 5 Features of Toyota Fortuner Leader Edition

Toyota has recently introduced the Fortuner Leader Edition in India a variant that offers a distinctive aesthetic appeal compared to the standard model. The pricing of this special edition will vary depending on the specific accessories chosen and fitted at the dealership. Here are the top features that define the Leader Edition:

Distinctive Dual-tone Exterior

The Leader Edition of the Fortuner features a striking dual-tone appearance, with a black roof complementing the body color. It is available in three color options: Super White, Platinum Pearl White, and Silver Metallic providing buyers with a range of stylish choices.

Discover the Top 5 Features of Toyota Fortuner Leader Edition - snap
Fortuner Leader Edition

Enhanced Exterior Styling

This special edition includes optional front and rear bumper spoilers or extenders, enhancing the SUV’s sporty and robust appearance. These accessories, developed by TTIPL, are fitted by authorized Toyota dealers, ensuring quality and compatibility.

Exclusive Black Alloy Wheels

In a departure from the standard silver-colored alloys, the Fortuner Leader Edition sports black-colored alloy wheels, adding to the vehicle's bold and aggressive look.

Convenient Wireless Charging

The Leader Edition improves in-cabin convenience by including a wireless charger as standard equipment, allowing passengers to easily charge their compatible devices without the clutter of cables.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

For added safety and maintenance convenience, the Leader Edition comes equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), helping drivers keep track of tire pressure and ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Engine and Transmission

Powering the Fortuner Leader Edition is a robust 2.8-litre diesel engine, producing 201bhp and 420Nm of torque with the manual transmission, or 500Nm with the automatic transmission. This model is available solely in a 4x2 configuration, focusing on delivering a strong road presence and performance.

For customers seeking something more from their SUV experience the Toyota Fortuner Leader Edition offers a more enticing and useful package that combines aesthetic improvements with useful changes.