Custom Harley-Davidson X440 Showcased at India Bike Week

Custom Harley-Davidson X440 Showcased at India Bike Week

Harley-Davidson, in collaboration with Hero MotoCorp, has made a striking entry into India's classic motorcycle realm with the X440, targeting the 300cc to 500cc segment. Recognizing the prominence of Royal Enfield in the custom motorcycle space, Harley-Davidson aims to showcase the X440's customization potential by partnering with renowned custom bike builders and modders in India.

Custom Harley-Davidson X440 Showcased at IBW

At the India Bike Week (IBW), Harley-Davidson unveiled custom iterations of the X440, collaborating with esteemed modders such as Rajputana Custom Motorcycle, TNT Customs, Bombay Custom Work, and Old Delhi Motorcycles. Each custom build reflects the unique style and expertise of the respective modder infusing distinct characters into the X440.

Rajputana Custom Motorcycle - Flat Track Racer

Highlights of the Rajputana Custom Motorcycle build include a rounder and more classic fuel tank, custom main frame and subframe, extended custom swingarm, single-seat setup, custom under-seat exhaust, front beak, tidy tail section, black wire-spoke rims with knobby tires, rear mono-shock suspension setup, larger rear disc brake, and headlight delete with a new Tracker fascia.

Old Delhi Motorcycles - Retro Sidecar

Old Delhi Motorcycles opted for a retro sidecar build featuring a single-wheeled sidecar connected to X440's main frame, two hydraulic struts absorbing lateral movements, custom seats, leather saddles, and a custom rear fender.

TNT Customs - Cafe Racer

TNT Customs presented a visually aesthetic Cafe Racer build with a retained fuel tank and main frame (modified for a rear mono-shock suspension setup), custom rear subframe, custom exhaust, single-seat setup, snazzy colors, custom handlebar for a Cafe Racer look, and balloon tires.

Bombay Custom Work - Flat Tracker

Bombay Custom Work's Flat Tracker build features a tastefully painted red frame, white and black dual-tone fuel tank with gold accents, fender delete, retro A/T tires, and headlight delete.

Individual Expression with Personalization

Custom motorcycles offer enthusiasts endless personalization options, with classic motorcycle brands being fan favorites. While Royal Enfield has been a prominent player in this space, Harley-Davidson's foray with the X440 is set to explore new customization possibilities in India. Working with well-known modders has produced amazing X440 variations that each have their own personality apart from Harley-Davidson's original design.

The world of custom motorcycles is still thriving providing enthusiasts with a platform for customization and self-expression and the triumph of these partnerships highlights the ample prospects that renowned motorbike companies such as Harley-Davidson hold in the Indian customization domain.

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Most Popular Answers for Harley-Davidson X440
Is the Harley-Davidson X440 S suitable for new riders?
2023-09-18 05:14:21 AM

While it may be powerful, with proper training and experience, new riders can enjoy the Harley-Davidson X440 S under safe riding conditions.

Are there customizable features for the Harley-Davidson X440 S?
2023-09-18 05:13:40 AM

Depending on the model, there might be options for customization to personalize the bike according to individual preferences.

What kind of maintenance does the Harley-Davidson X440 S require?
2023-09-18 05:07:28 AM

Like any motorcycle, regular maintenance such as oil changes, brake checks, and overall inspections are essential to keep the Harley-Davidson X440 S in top condition.

How does the Harley-Davidson X440 S handle in city traffic?
2023-09-18 05:06:35 AM

The Harley-Davidson X440 S typically handles well in city traffic, providing a smooth and controlled ride, making urban commuting easier.

What sets the Harley-Davidson X440 S apart from other Harley models?
2023-09-18 05:05:52 AM

The Harley-Davidson X440 S stands out with its modern-meets-classic design, offering a fresh take while preserving Harley's iconic look.