BMW M5 and Suzuki Hayabusa Secure Top Speeds at The Valley Run 2023

BMW M5 and Suzuki Hayabusa Secure Top Speeds at The Valley Run 2023

The 11th edition of The Valley Run, held at the Aamby Valley airstrip, witnessed an exhilarating display of drag racing prowess, drawing over 700 participants and 11,800 enthusiastic spectators and the event spanned three action-packed days with standout performances that etched new records in the annals of Indian drag racing.

Fast and Furious: Record-Breaking Times

The speedsters of the event, Fahim Zahran on his Suzuki Hayabusa and Vicky Sawant in his BMW M5 set ablaze the tarmac with record-breaking times. Vicky Sawant's BMW M5 earned the title of the Fastest Car with an impressive time of 9.971 seconds, while Fahim Zahran's Suzuki Hayabusa claimed the crown for the Fastest Bike with a breathtaking time of 9.359 seconds. Shweta Chithrode, astride a Suzuki Hayabusa, showcased her skill to become the Fastest Female Rider with a commendable time of 9.904 seconds.

Evolution of The Valley Run: A Decade of Dominance

Since its inception in 2013, The Valley Run has evolved into the pinnacle of India's drag racing scene. Fahim Zahran's record-setting time of 9.359 seconds in the 2023 edition added a new chapter to the event's storied history. Vicky Sawant's BMW M5, tuned by Super Car Club Garage, clocked in at 9.971 seconds, solidifying the event's reputation as the crowning glory of Indian drag racing.

Victors of the Quarter-Mile: Top Performers

Roshan Reddy, steering a Skoda vRS, emerged as the Fastest Indian Car of the Event, conquering the quarter-mile in 11.712 seconds. Shahrukh Khan, on his tuned Kawasaki Ninja 400, clinched the title of the Fastest Indian Bike of the Event with an impressive time of 11.622 seconds.

Celebrating Women in Racing: Outstanding Achievements

Female racers made a significant impact at The Valley Run. Uvashri Kannadasan Balajeyanthi and Shreya Singh claimed top honors in the car classes, while Shweta Chithrode and Samantha D'Souza stood out as the Fastest Female Riders in the bike classes.

Beyond the Track: Special Segments and Partnerships

The event was not just about speed; it also featured captivating special segments, including drifting and stunt shows by Bad Boi Drifts and JK Tyre. The success of The Valley Run 2023 was made possible through the collaborative efforts of partners such as AMG Performance, JK Tyre, Monster Energy, Castrol Power1, Indian Oil XP100, Super Select, Cloud9, Paytm Insider, and Inovexic.

Director's Reflection: Challenges and Triumphs

Rongom Tagore Mukerji, director of Elite Octane (organizer of The Valley Run) and promoter of The Elite Cup, reflected on the event's significance and he acknowledged the highs and lows emphasizing the importance of safety precautions for an event of such scale. Expressing gratitude to participants, sponsors, special guests, and the dedicated core team Mukerji underscored the challenging yet special nature of The Valley Run an event that holds a unique place in the racing community.

Elite Cup 2023: Culmination of Excellence

The Valley Run 2023 also served as the final round of The Elite Cup, a prestigious series comprising three high-profile drag racing events across the country and the 11th edition of The Valley Run concluded with a sense of accomplishment and excitement for the ongoing growth and excitement that The Valley Run brings to Indian drag racing. The winners across various categories in both The Valley Run and The Elite Cup were celebrated adding a final flourish to an eventful and competitive year in India's drag racing domain.