BMW CE 02 Electric Scooter Spotted In India: Launch Soon?

BMW CE 02 Electric Scooter Spotted In India: Launch Soon?

In India, the BMW CE 02 electric bike has been seen undergoing testing. It's interesting that several inquiries about the e-bike's worth for money have surfaced since its formal launch overseas in July of this year. Thus, the issue arises: Can such a bike be sold in India, a country with a high threshold for price? 

First off, TVS created the CE 02 model. BMW might be aiming to take at least a small portion of that market since the majority of major automakers have already introduced their EVs. Despite its unimpressive value proposition, the CE 02 undoubtedly has the typical BMW attraction and has a striking look.

New spy images directly from Karnataka have revealed that BMW is putting the CE 02 electric bike through its paces in India. The e-bike, interestingly, was launched in July of this year, and at the time, we couldn't help but feel that it was underwhelming for the amount it was asking. What makes BMW test it in India then? 

Key Features

The inclusion of a 3.5-inch micro TFT screen affixed on a single bracket, imparts a floating visual effect and provides access to a variety of information. Elevating connectivity further, riders can link their smartphones with the BMW Motorrad Connected app and BMW Backend Connectivity. Through dedicated controls conveniently located on the left handle, this integration unlocks the door to a variety of capabilities.

The CE 02 also has a number of high-end features, such as LED headlights, upside-down (USD) front forks, a flat seat that is one piece, a raised handlebar, and stylish sporty rearview mirrors.

Battery types and capacity

By offering single or twin battery options, the CE 02 delivers energy flexibility to meet a variety of travel needs. Each lithium-ion battery, with a 2 kWh capacity, caters to different preferences. The lighter single-battery variant weighs 119 kg, providing a 45 km range and a top speed of 45 kmph. In contrast, the dual-battery version at 132 kg extends the range to 90 km, delivering 15 hp and a top speed of 95 kmph. Charging conveniences are varied, with a standard 0.9 kW charger and a faster 1.5 kW option. The dual-battery version charges in around 5 hours 12 minutes (standard charger) or 3 hours 30 minutes (fast charger). The single-battery version requires approximately 3 hours 2 minutes with the standard charger.


BMW CE 02: Price And Indian Launch??

This scooter starts at a cost of USD 7.6, which is roughly equivalent to Rs 6.3 lakh, on the international market. The scooter's introduction in India may or may not be planned, while this is still unknown. It's possible that the TVS may produce it for BMW to export or test it for a future version of the company's vehicle. The answer to an Indian launch is in the future, even if both rumors are equally plausible. 

To begin with, TVS is the company behind the CE 02 design. Additionally, as you can see, the majority of the big manufacturers now provide some sort of electric product. BMW may have brought the CE 02 here to try it out for the time being out of fear of falling behind. The bike isn't precisely a terrific deal, but it does have a distinctive BMW look and is rather unique. The CE 02 might possibly find a market given that the BMW C 400 GT, which costs Rs 11.25 lakh (ex-showroom), is a scooter that is readily accessible. 

Exactly what do you think of it?

A chic and smart electric two-wheeler called the CE 02 offers a new means of getting around cities. It is suitable for young and adventurous riders who want to have fun and convenience while being eco-friendly. CE 02 may also be adjusted to suit a variety of needs and tastes because it is flexible and versatile.

BMW CE 02 also encounters significant difficulties in India, such as the scarcity of charging infrastructure, the low level of public knowledge of electric vehicles, and the competition from other manufacturers of electric two-wheelers. The CE 02 also doesn't have all of the storage capacity and functionality of traditional scooters.


Some advantages of BMW CE02:-

Silence Operation: The trip is more peaceful and enjoyable because of the silent operation of the electric motor, which reduces noise pollution.

Low Maintenance: Since electric bikes like the CE 02 have fewer moving parts than cars powered by gasoline, they require less maintenance and are less expensive to maintain.

Calm Travel: The electric motor's smooth and vibration-free ride makes the rider and passenger more comfortable.

Minimal Gear Shifting: This type of bike makes riding more convenient, especially in stop-and-go city traffic, by eliminating the need for manual gear shifting.

Reduced heat emissions:  Since they generate less heat than gasoline engines do, electric motors make driving more pleasant and cool.

No Vibration: When opposed to internal combustion engines, electric motors produce less vibration.


Some Disadvantages of BMW CE02:-

Charge Period:  While rapid charging is an option, it can take longer to fully charge the battery than it would to refuel a conventional gasoline scooter.

Limited Customization: Some riders might miss the option to customize the scooter's engine sound or exhaust note, which is a characteristic feature of gasoline-powered vehicles.

Distance Unreliability: The actual range of an electric scooter may differ depending on a number of variables, including riding technique, topography, and weather.

Only Short-Distance Travel:  Due to their limited range, electric scooters like the CE 02 may not be the best choice for riders who frequently travel large distances.

Dependence on Charging Station Location: The need to find charging outlets might cause reliance in areas with few options for charging infrastructure.

Electric scooters may provide long-term savings, but the initial cost may be larger, necessitating riders to think about their whole financial situation.


Briefly said the BMW CE 02 electric scooter stands out as an impressive urban transportation option. BMW CE 02 looks distinctive, has networking possibilities, and boasts high-end components like LED lighting, USD front forks, and sporty mirrors that should make for a fashionable and practical combo. A more modern sense of riding is provided by the usage of smartphone connectivity. Those looking for an inventive and fashionable electric scooter choice should find the CE 02 to be a good fit.


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Most Popular Answers for BMW CE 02
Is there a warranty for the BMW CE 02?
2023-09-18 04:38:42 AM

 Yes, when you buy a BMW CE 02, they promise to take care of it if anything goes wrong for a certain period. This means if there are problems that are not your fault, they will help fix them or make things right during that time. It is like having a safety feature for your bike. The exact details of the warranty, such as how long it lasts and what it covers, can vary according to the location or region, so it is important to check the warranty terms from the BMW company or the dealership when you are thinking about buying the bike.

How long does it take to charge the BMW CE 02?
2023-09-18 04:38:03 AM

It depends on the charger you use. Just like charging your phone, you can choose different chargers. Some might make it charge up faster, and some might be slower. So, how long it takes will change based on which charger you pick.

Can I test-ride the BMW CE 02 before purchasing?
2023-09-18 04:37:28 AM

Yes, you can! BMW dealerships often let you take the CE 02 for a spin before you make up your mind about buying it. It is like test-driving a car before you decide to purchase it in this way, you can see if it's comfortable and suits your needs. Just visit a BMW dealership and ask about test rides when you're interested in getting one.

Is the BMW CE 02 customizable?
2023-09-18 04:36:50 AM

 BMW is likely to offer different ways for you to change how your CE 02 looks and works. Adding things according to your preferences just like decorating your room or customizing your phone. BMW usually gives you options to make your bike feel more like "yours."

Can I ride the BMW CE 02 with a regular motorcycle license?
2023-09-18 04:35:07 AM

Most likely, no special license is needed! You can probably ride the BMW CE 02 with the same kind of motorcycle license you use for other regular motorcycles. So, if you already have a motorcycle license, you should be good to go to ride the CE 02. It's designed for urban commuting, so they try to keep it easy for you.