Bajaj Pulsar RS400 to Get New Dominar's DOHC Engine

Bajaj Pulsar RS400 to Get New Dominar's DOHC Engine

Bajaj Pulsar RS400 to Get New Dominar's Engine: Bajaj Auto is here with a new 373.3cc DOHC engine that uses triple spark technology, in house developed ECU and different gearing than the one seen on the last-gen Dominar. The updated engine is performing under the 2019 Dominar nameplate and brings 40 HP of maximum power. Bajaj Auto is losing a big share from the commuter-centric market and they are preparing to gain almost 3-4% from the Indian market through a different level of products in the coming months. [caption id="attachment_14134" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Bajaj Pulsar RS400 Bajaj Pulsar RS400 to Get New Dominar's DOHC Engine[/caption] Bajaj Pulsar RS400, the worthy performance upgrade to RS200, has the highest chances of getting this new powertrain as Avenger 400 would not be tuned to a higher spec version than Dominar 400. The trend has been always visible among Bajaj Pulsar 220F and the Avenger 220 Cruise. If Bajaj doesn't want TVS to enjoy a chunk of premium bike sale through the Apache RR 310, a product like Pulsar RS400 is the best bet within this segment. Presently, Dominar 400 is the flagship product for Bajaj Auto. The 2019 model of Dominar 400 is available with a price tag of INR 1.74 lakh while the Pulsar RS400 could arrive at around INR 2 lakh. The prices mentioned here are ex-showroom. [caption id="attachment_394065" align="aligncenter" width="1132"]2019 Bajaj Dominar 2019 Bajaj Dominar[/caption] Being a worthy product, the Dominar still could not eat into the huge 50,000+ units monthly sales figure of Royal Enfield Classic 350. The on-road price tag of around INR 1.80 lakh is the benchmark for five digit sales as no other product around this price tag (except RE Bullet) has entered the five-digit club. The entry of the Pulsar RS400 will again ignite the hope of Bajaj Auto for getting some share out of this future friendly performance sports bike segment. Bajaj unveiled the Pulsar SS400 concept in 2014 but unfortunately, it didn’t make into production. Let's hope Bajaj launches the Pulsar RS400 this year to compete with the likes of TVS Apache RR 310 and the Honda CBR250R.

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What engine oil is best for my Bajaj Pulsar RS400?
2023-08-29 07:27:22 AM

The engine oil specification of Bajaj Pulsar RS400 is specified is available at your nearby Bajaj service station. Most services offer counter-purchase. In case you don't want to visit OEM servicestation. You can get the same graded oil from popular brands like Castrol, Mobil 1, Shell Motul, and other brands.


What is the waiting period of Bajaj Pulsar RS400 in India?
2023-08-29 07:25:06 AM

The waiting period of the bike mainly depends on the City in which you are living. The demand for the bike you are interested among the buyers is also a key factor. If a bike is popular, it might end up in long waiting time period. Only three months is the general waiting period of all bikes.


Is Baja Pulsar RS400 available through CSD canteen?
2023-08-29 07:24:40 AM

Sorry, Pulsar RS400 is not available in CSD canteen yet. 


What are the problems with Bajaj Pulsar RS400 bike?
2023-08-29 07:24:14 AM

Common problem found are starting trouble, low mileage, poor pick-up and low brightness of headlamps. For specific problems in Bajaj Pulsar RS400 bike visit user complaints.


What is the difference between Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and Pulsar RS400?
2022-12-29 06:05:09 AM
Cosmetically, the Bajaj RS400 looks exactly like the RS200. Both the bikes share the same exterior design. However, the Bajaj RS400 is much more powerful, it runs on a single Cylinder, 4-stroke, triple spark, liquid-cooled engine displacing around 373 cc. The engine is expected to produce a power of 43 Bhp @ 9000 rpm and a peak torque of 35 Nm @ 7000 rpm. It is mated to a six-speed gearbox. The mileage of RS400 is not known yet, but you can expect it return a lesser fuel efficiency than the RS200. The bike is expected to launch by the end of this year at a price of INR 1,75,000.