Bajaj Pulsar P125 Spotted Testing Without Camouflage For The First Time

Bajaj Pulsar P125 Spotted Testing Without Camouflage For The First Time

A recognized 2W and 3W manufacturer in India, Bajaj Auto, is getting ready to expand the line of its 125cc Pulsar. The original Pulsar 125 and Pulsar NS125 are part of the current range; the Bajaj Pulsar P150 will soon be added. In this highly-competitive market, the launch appears near as test mules start going everywhere without any disguise.

Bajaj Pulsar P125 spotted testing – Does it make sense?

Surprising Replacement: Bajaj made the unexpected decision of switching out the  Pulsar P150 for the Pulsar N15. Reliability is a hallmark of Bajaj's motorcycle designs, and the Pulsar P series made its debut in November 2022.

Shift to 125cc: Test mules that have been sighted in the open suggest a change in the Pulsar P range from 150cc to 125cc class. The original Pulsar design, which is over fifteen years old, experienced this change.

Reasons for Discontinuation: The Pulsar P150 was discontinued due in large part to poor sales. The P150 fell short of the expectations of 150cc buyers who were looking for greater power.

Pulsar N150 Introduction: The Pulsar N150 is a vehicle designed to fulfil the 150cc class's need for increased power and performance.

Strategic Move to 125cc: Bajaj takes a calculated risk by moving the Pulsar P line into the 125cc class. The decision is in line with the 125cc Pulsar's growing the appeals court, which drives the most traffic to showrooms and conversion rates.

Sales Success in 125cc: In September 2023, 125cc Pulsars, especially the Pulsar P125, became Bajaj's best-selling models, accounting for 35% of overall sales.

Next Launch: The new Pulsar in the 125cc class is expected to launch shortly. It is anticipated that it will sell for approximately Rs. 90,000 (ex-showroom), sandwiched between the Pulsar NS125 and the original Pulsar 125.

Many were taken away when Bajaj Auto decided to switch out the Pulsar P150 for the Pulsar N150, departing from their tradition of preserving motorcycle designs. Although Bajaj's Pulsar P range made its debut in November 2022, it appears that the company is moving towards the 125cc class. The decision was made in response to the Pulsar P150's poor sales because consumers in the 150cc class were looking for more power than the bike could provide. This need for improved performance is what led to the release of the Pulsar N150.

Bajaj is now carefully positioning the Pulsar P line in the 125cc class, a market in which the business has experienced great success. The sales numbers clearly demonstrate how popular 125cc Pulsars are, especially the Pulsar P125 being the top-selling model at Bajaj, accounting for 35% of the business's September 2023 sales. It is anticipated that the new Pulsar in the 125cc class will soon be released after test mules without camouflage were observed. Located in between the original Pulsar 125 and the Pulsar NS125, its estimated retail value (ex-showroom) is around Rs. 90,000. This is a rational decision for Bajaj Auto because it is a strategic move that matches with market trends.

What does the new Pulsar P125 pack?

Early spy photos of the Bajaj Pulsar P125 have surfaced, and they show that the product's silhouette is strikingly similar to that of the Pulsar P150. Without any kind of disguise, the test mule indicates that no body panels or components from the Pulsar P line will be changed.An engine cowl, a single-piece seat, a traditional grab handle, a USB port, twin-LED tail lights, a sleek and slender body, an eye-catching LED headlight assembly with a large projector and a unibrow-type LED DRL signature, extended tank shrouds, clip-on handlebars, and an engine cluster are only some of the noteworthy features.

The Pulsar P125's componentry will include RSU telescopic front forks, a single disc system with single-channel ABS up front, a rear drum brake, an ordinary box-section swingarm, and 17-inch alloy wheels that match those of the Pulsar P150. The 124cc single-cylinder engine, which produces around 11 bhp of peak power and 11 Nm of peak torque, and a 5-speed gearbox are the identical components of the powertrain. A fuel consumption of about 50 km/l is to be expected. Concerning competition, the Bajaj Pulsar P125's main opponents are the Honda SP 125, Glamour XTEC from Hero, TVS Raider 125, and the projected Xtreme 125. The Bajaj-produced Pulsar NS125 and Original Pulsar 125 will also be challengers.