Bajaj Chetak’s Affordable Edition Set for Pre-May Unveiling

Bajaj Chetak’s Affordable Edition Set for Pre-May Unveiling

Bajaj Auto is gearing up to introduce a more budget-friendly variant of its popular electric scooter, the Chetak, just in time for a May launch. This new model aims to make electric mobility more accessible by incorporating cost-effective features and vibrant new color options.

Key Changes and Features

The upcoming affordable Chetak variant will retain the classic silhouette of its predecessors but with several adjustments to reduce costs:

  • Wheels and Brakes: This version swaps out the alloy wheels and disc brakes of the higher-end models for simpler steel wheels and drum brakes.
  • Instrument Console: Replacing the colored LCD, this variant reverts to the original monochrome LCD unit seen in the 2020 model, focusing on functionality over flair.
  • Storage Solutions: Instead of a lockable glove box, this model features dual open cubbies to cut down on manufacturing costs.
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Bajaj Chetak

Potential Powertrain Adjustments

While specific details on any changes to the powertrain are not yet disclosed, there might be modifications to enhance the range, possibly at the expense of reduced performance. It's likely to maintain the 2.9kWh battery pack from the Chetak Urbane, which offers a claimed IDC range of 113km. However, this new variant does not include a hub motor, which could influence its performance profile.

Pricing and Availability

The current versions of the Bajaj Chetak are available in two trims:

  • Premium: Features a 3.2kWh battery with a range of 126km and a TFT display, priced at Rs 1.47 lakh (ex-showroom, India).
  • Urbane: Comes with the 2.9kWh battery pack and a range of 113km, priced at Rs 1.23 lakh (ex-showroom, India).

The new, more affordable variant is expected to be priced below the Urbane model, making it an attractive option for consumers seeking a cost-effective entry into the electric scooter market.

This strategic move by Bajaj could potentially broaden the appeal of the Chetak to a wider audience, aligning with growing consumer interest in sustainable and economical transportation solutions. As the launch date approaches, more details about the scooter's specifications and features are anticipated.