Ather Electric Scooter's 40 Ft Battery Drop Test: Survival Results

Ather Electric Scooter's 40 Ft Battery Drop Test: Survival Results

Ather Energy, a leading player in India's electric two-wheeler market, is gearing up to launch its new electric scooter, the Rizta, next month. In a recent demonstration the company showcased the over-engineered durability of its batteries by dropping one from a height of 40 feet.

The Ather Rizta: An Affordable Family Scooter

The Rizta marks Ather's entrance into the family scooter segment aiming to be the most affordable offering in Ather's lineup. Until now Ather has primarily targeted enthusiasts and tech-savvy riders. The Rizta is set to compete with popular family electric scooters like the TVS iQube and Ola S1 X+.

Ather Electric Scooter's 40 Ft Battery Drop Test: Survival Results - photograph
Ather Electric Scooter's 40 Ft Battery Drop Test

Battery Drop Test from 40 Feet

In a video posted by Ather Energy co-founder Swapnil Jain, the battery of the upcoming Rizta scooter was dropped from a height of 40 feet using a mobile crane operated by Shreyas Seethapathy. The battery encased in high-pressure die-cast aluminium, remained intact after the drop demonstrating its robustness and ability to withstand significant impacts.

Significance of the Drop Test

The battery drop test is a testament to Ather's engineering prowess and commitment to safety. It illustrates that the battery can endure extreme conditions and real-world impacts such as stones, speed bumps and other obstacles on the road. The test assures users that the battery is designed to withstand various challenges they may encounter during their daily commute.

Upcoming Launch and Features

The Ather Rizta is scheduled to be unveiled at Ather's Community Day on April 6th, 2024. The scooter is expected to prioritize practicality with a spacious and comfortable seat being one of its key features. Additionally, Ather is anticipated to announce the AtherStack 6 OTA update and a smart accessory at the event.

Ather Energy's battery drop test showcases the durability and reliability of its upcoming Rizta electric scooter. By demonstrating the battery's ability to withstand a 40-foot drop Ather aims to instill confidence in potential buyers regarding the safety and robustness of their product. The Rizta is poised to expand Ather's market appeal and cater to a wider audience seeking an affordable and reliable electric scooter for their families.