Ather Electric Scooter Adding Transparent Side Panels – The Reason Behind the Innovation

Ather Electric Scooter Adding Transparent Side Panels – The Reason Behind the Innovation

Ather Energy, the trailblazer in the electric scooter arena, is set to revive a distinctive design element – transparent panels. While not universally appealing the transparent effect has left an indelible mark on various products, from watches to smartphones. Ather previously experimented with this design approach in the Collector’s edition Ather 450X Series 1 electric scooter, garnering attention and appreciation.

Transparent Panels 2.0: Ather's Second Act

Tushar Mehta, Co-founder and CEO of Ather Energy, has officially confirmed the comeback of the transparent panels. Unlike their translucent predecessors from the Series 1 limited edition, the new panels are promised to be truly transparent offering a unique visual experience. Though an exact launch date remains undisclosed, anticipation is building around this daring design choice.

A Milestone Celebration: Ather's 10th Anniversary Edition

As Ather Energy gears up to celebrate its 10th anniversary, expectations are high for another special edition electric scooter. Built on the 450X Gen 3 platform, the limited-edition model is poised to feature not only transparent side panels but also a new color theme, sporty graphics, and potentially enhanced performance or additional features. The transparent panels a visual extravaganza in their own right promise a captivating display of the scooter's internal components.

Transparent panels: A spectacular visual display

While the near-transparent panels on the Series 1 electric scooter in 2020 showcased a visually pleasing skeletal trellis frame, Ather is taking it up a notch with complete transparency in the upcoming 2023 special edition. Shared images reveal a detailed view of wires, clips, bolts, holes, slots, battery casing, and frame and the bold move may not be universally appreciated but it undoubtedly adds a unique flair to the scooter's design.

Designers at Ather might play with color effects on the visible internal components to enhance the visual impact and the transparent panels aim to showcase the intricate interplay of components transforming the scooter into a visual spectacle. While opinions may vary on its aesthetics Ather's daring approach is poised to create ripples in the electric scooter landscape once again. As the transparent panels make their return enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of this bold design statement.