838cc V-Twin Royal Enfield Bobber Motorcycle: All You Need to Know

838cc V-Twin Royal Enfield Bobber Motorcycle: All You Need to Know

Royal Enfield Bobber 838 (Concept KX) is the most powerful and influential design from the Indian brand after its reincarnation in the country. As most buyers are familiar with round headlights and basic fuel tank designs that stay more or less common on all RE bikes, the innovative design on the Bobber 838 has made it eye candy for the masses. The Bobber 838 (Concept KX) made its world debut at the EICMA 2018. For those who have not yet been familiar with the concept, here are 7 must-know facts for the Royal Enfield Bobber 838.

7 Must-Know Facts About the Royal Enfield Bobber 838

1) Based on the Royal Enfield KX 1140 - The paint scheme and design lines are based on the vintage KX 1140 from the brand, pushing the same low seat and huge tire combination into the 21st-century concept. The selection of the engine casing and modern-looking girder forks has also been made by keeping KX 1140 in mind at all times.

Royal Enfield KX 1140
Royal Enfield KX 1140

2) First Modern V-Twin RE Engine - The 838cc engine with a V-Twin layout features 80mm of bore and 83.8mm of stroke for the perfect torque production. Royal Enfield can tune the engine for any value under 100HP as this threshold is achieved by modern litre-class cruiser engines. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox.

Royal Enfield Concept KX (Bobber 838)
Royal Enfield Concept KX (Bobber 838)

3) Premium Components - The Royal Enfield Bobber 838 features a single-sided swingarm, premium brake callipers from ByBre and dual-tone alloy wheels with a machine-finished 7x2 spoke layout. The fenders are chopped while the front fascia features an LED headlight with daytime running lights. The attractive-looking twin black exhausts complete the package.

4) All-Digital Console - The motorcycle is equipped with an all-digital instrument console with smartphone integration and other features like Bluetooth, GPS, and more. The display shows a green section for the 10,000 rpm limit while the Bobber 838 has a gear indicator over the speedometer section.

Royal Enfield Bobber 838 Console
Royal Enfield Bobber 838 Console

5) Dimensions - Royal Enfield offers a massive 2160mm of length, 778mm of width and low 998mm of height for the Bobber 838. The seat height is practical at 760mm while the low handlebar position confirms that every rider could enjoy the feel out of the motorcycle. The long 1530mm of wheelbase is available on the concept.

6) Expected Launch Date - The RE Bobber 838 is expected to launch in the Indian market in 2023 as the production version is expected to be unveiled at the EICMA 2022. The motorcycle you see here is a non-working prototype and thus, changing parts won’t be a big step on the production version.

7) Expected Ex-Showroom Price - The price for the upcoming Bobber 838 will fall around INR 5 lakh, keeping in mind how Royal Enfield undercuts the rivals in the 650cc segment by almost half the pricing. Some of the premium components will be skipped if the INR 5 lakh price tag is taken as a target.

Royal Enfield Bobber 838 Rear 3-Quarter
Royal Enfield Bobber 838 Rear 3-Quarter

Concept KX (Bobber 838) Specs

  • Engine Displacement: 838cc (OHV)
  • Bore x Stroke: 80mm x 83.4mm
  • Engine Layout: V-Twin
  • Maximum Power: 90HP (Expected)
  • Fuel Supply: Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Front Brakes: Twin Discs
  • Rear Brakes: Single Disc
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Chassis: Harris Frame with Integrated Airbox, Stressed Member Engine
  • Front Suspension: Girder Fork, Single Damper
  • Rear Suspension: Single Damper with Progressive Link
  • Front Wheel: 3.50 x 19
  • Rear Wheel: 4.00 x 19
  • Length: 2160mm
  • Width: 778mm
  • Height: 998mm
  • Wheelbase: 1530mm
  • Ground Clearance: 128mm
  • Seat Height: 760mm

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