5 Must-Know Facts About The Legendary Yamaha RD350

5 Must-Know Facts About The Legendary Yamaha RD350

The Yamaha RD350, which was introduced to the country in 1983, was one of the most popular bikes in its segment. Its retro-modern design and high-speed quality are still alive in the hearts of folks who love the performance and styling. And now once again, the motorcycle has become the centre of attraction for bike enthusiasts, as most recently, cricketer MS Dhoni has received a custom-built Yamaha RD350 as a gift from a person named Syed Jadeer.

Dhoni's Yamaha RD350 Gifted by Syed Jadeer - Image Source
Syed Jadeer’s Personal Yamaha RD350 - Image Source

Syed Jadeer invested more than a year and a half restoring this bike. He has altered two bikes, called Green Competition and Goldy, in partnership with Wyldcatzbikes. The green competition bike is gifted to MS Dhoni and the yellow-coloured Goldy is added to Syed Jadeer’s personal bike collection with Dhoni’s autograph on its fuel tank. Here are 5 must-know facts about the Yamaha RD350:

5 Must-Know Facts About the Legendary Yamaha RD350

1) Astonishing Power-to-Weight Ratio: Yamaha RD350 is a two-stroke powerhouse with class-leading output for its engine displacement. The Japan version is good for 39BHP @ 7500 rpm and 37.2Nm @ 7000 rpm. The power output is comparable to the Yamaha R3 while torque is still the highest possible value for everyday riders. The Indian version of the RD350 is good for a maximum power of 30.5BHP @ 6750 rpm and a peak torque of 32.3 Nm @ 6500 rpm. As the R3 weighs over 170kg in stock condition, the legendary RD350 is just 155kg in weight. The Japan version comes with 251.6 BHP/ton of power-to-weight ratio while the Indian version claims 196.7 BHP/ton.

2) Eye Candy for the Masses: The design lines of Yamaha RD350 are so gentle that time seems to have no impact on its presence. The chrome round headlight, flat seat and fuel tank, chrome-finished exhaust system and spoke wheels are some of the eye-catching design highlights. The side panels are well-edged while fenders flaunt chrome with pride. As the design part is subjective, those who love faired or modern sportbikes may not feel the same attachment with this design. Still, the classic value of the Yamaha RD350 has gone up with every passing day.

3) Twin-Cylinder Engine/Twin Exhausts: The 347cc engine is a powerful twin-cylinder unit with two different outputs. The torque and power values are achieved very close to each other, offering an impressive feel once the 5000-rpm mark is achieved in any gear. The engine comes with a 6-speed gearbox and claims top speed in excess of 150kph. Not just the engine, the exhaust system on the Yamaha RD350 comes with twin chrome mufflers that not just add balance to the overall equation, but also improve the design value of the RD350.

4) Instrument Console Details: Yamaha RD350 features a completely analogue console with the tachometer in the right pod and speedometer in the left. The left pod also has a trip meter and odometer in itself. The right pod has a neutral indicator and a range of up to 10,000 rpm. The limit is set at 8500 rpm as the rest comes under the red section. The centre section has space for the key and indicators like a turn signal, stop lamp, and high beam.

5) Price in India: The motorcycle was discontinued a long time back, and it was sold with an approximate ex-showroom price tag of Rs 30,000 in the 1980s. These days, the examples that are completely restored can be had for anything above Rs 1.50-2.50 lakh. The value for the motorcycle will rise with passing time as Yamaha has no plans of using the same design under any of its modern frame and engine setup. Even the scrap examples that are not operational are sold for a price tag of Rs 50,000 and above by the owners.

Yamaha RD350 Photos - Restored by the Royal Restorers

5 Must-Know Facts About the Legendary Yamaha RD350
5 Must-Know Facts About the Legendary Yamaha RD350