2024 Renault Kwid Launched in India, Starting at Rs. 4.69 Lakh

2024 Renault Kwid Launched in India, Starting at Rs. 4.69 Lakh

Renault India has launched the 2024 iteration of the Kwid in the country at a starting price of Rs. 4.69 lakh (ex-showroom). While the prices of this new hatchback remain unchanged, the automaker has revised the feature list and added three new dual-tone exterior shades. In terms of updates, with the introduction of the 2024 model, the RXL(O) variant of the Kwid now gets an eight-inch touchscreen media navigation system making it the most affordable hatchback in the country with this feature.  The hatchback now offers 14 safety features as standard.  Renault, the renowned French automaker, has set the automotive landscape ablaze with the launch of the 2024 Renault Kwid in India. Starting at an enticing Rs. 4.69 lakh, the 2024 Renault Kwid aims to capture the hearts of Indian consumers with its refreshed design, enhanced features, and a competitive price point.

Evolution of Design: A New Revision

The 2024 Renault Kwid's exterior has received a modern makeover that incorporates components that offer the hatchback a more dynamic and modern appearance while also reflecting the newest design trends. The front grille has been revamped, and it now sports eye-catching lines and a unique Renault emblem. A refined touch has been added to the front fascia with the altered headlamp design. In addition to the outward improvements, consumers may show their uniqueness with the 2024 Kwid's array of vivid color options. The color scheme, which ranges from standard white to striking reds and blues, shows how well Renault understands the wide range of tastes among Indian customers.

Pricing Strategy: Affordable Luxury Redefined

Renault has always been synonymous with affordability, and the pricing strategy for the 2024 Kwid solidifies this reputation. With a starting price of Rs. 4.69 lakh, the Kwid continues to be an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers seeking and a blend of style and functionality.

Interior Elegance: A Refined Cabin Experience

Step inside the 2024 Renault Kwid, and you're greeted with a refined cabin experience that elevates the overall driving ambiance.

  1. Upgraded Infotainment System: Previously limited to the top two RXT and Climber variants, the touchscreen infotainment system is now standard from the lower-spec RXL (O) variant onwards. This inclusion makes the Kwid one of the more affordable cars in its segment to offer  in this feature, catering to the growing demand for advanced connectivity and  the entertainment options.
  2. Spacious Cabin: The Kwid has always been known for its spacious cabin, and the 2024 model continues this tradition. Ample legroom, comfortable seating, and clever storage solutions contribute to an interior that prioritizes  the passenger comfort and convenience.
  3. Rear Seat Belt Reminders: Safety remains a top priority for Renault, and the 2024 Kwid introduces rear seat belt reminders across all variants. Renault's dedication to improving passenger and the  safety in all facets of driving is highlighted by this addition.
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Renault Kwid 

Performance and Efficiency: Driven to Impress

Under the hood, the Renault Kwid promises an optimized powertrain for a balance between performance and fuel efficiency.

  1. Automatic Transmission Accessibility: For those who prefer the convenience of an automatic transmission, the 5-speed AMT is now available from the mid-spec RXL (O) variant onwards.
  2. Smartphone Connectivity: The infotainment system comes equipped with the latest in smartphone connectivity, allowing seamless integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
  3. Voice Commands: In an era where hands-free operations are becoming increasingly important, the 2024 Kwid embraces voice command technology.

Under the hood, the 2024 Renault Kwid continues to be powered by a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder, petrol engine that is tuned to produce 67bhp and 91Nm of torque. This motor can either be paired with a five-speed manual or an AMT unit.