2024 Renault Duster New Gen Leaks Ahead Of Global Debut

2024 Renault Duster New Gen Leaks Ahead Of Global Debut

With leaked pictures suggesting an enormous design update that pays homage to its famous relatives and the Bigster Concept, the 2024 Renault Duster is poised to usher in a new era. The Renault Duster, an innovator in the small SUV market, has captured the hearts of Indian SUV lovers with its sturdy suspension and remarkable all-wheel drive capabilities. Although the second generation model did not make it to India, anticipation is growing for the third generation, which is anticipated to arrive in 2025. A preview of the planned changes may be seen in the leaked design photos. The third-generation Duster will be launched by Dacia, the parent company of Renault, on November 29, 2024, in Portugal. It is expected that Dacia would sell the vehicle in India under the Renault name in 2025. There are also rumours emerging about a possible Nissan equivalent, albeit it may go by a different name. The Duster's dedicated fan base has high expectations for the new model because of its affordability, sturdy design, road presence, low operating costs, and reliability. With the next release, Renault hopes to build on these advantages and carry on the history of its founders. Keep checking back for additional information on this much anticipated SUV.


1. A Unusual Front Facade

  • Headlights and integrated DRLs are housed in a single black element on a flat bonnet design.
  • Bumper insert with a bull bar design and an obvious faux skid plate made of silver for a tough look.
  • A respect to tradition with the addition of air curtains even when fog lights aren't present.

2. Enhancements to the Profile

  • Fresh 10-spoke alloy wheels to update their look.
  • Large door cladding and dressed wheel arches that are squared off. 
  • Large glass portions and roof rails add to the SUV's allure for those who enjoy the outdoors.
  • Robust rear quarter panels create a familiar yet powerful silhouette.

 3.  Inside Knowledge

  • Expect improved cabin facilities that will improve both comfort and technology.
  • Theories about modern facilities to meet changing demands from customers.

4. Back Design

  • LED tail lights inverted Y-shaped for a unique and modern back appearance.
  • Smaller-looking back windshield that adds a clean, modern touch.
  • Greater load lip for the boot, which can mean more storage space.

5. Paying Respect to Tradition

  • A clear reference to the original and second-generation Duster cars can be seen in leaked photos.
  • The design parts are familiar and in line with the Duster's rough spirit.
  • striking likeness to Renault's Bigster concept, displaying an integration of modern and heritage design.

A bull bar-inspired bumper insert and a prominent silver faux skid plate add to its robust aesthetics. Though lacking fog lights, the Duster seems to incorporate air curtains, directing airflow through the wheels—a nod to its heritage. Notably, there’s a striking resemblance to Renault’s Bigster concept. Interior Expectations: Anticipating Upgrades and Features Examining its profile reveals new 10-spoke alloy wheels, substantial door cladding, squared-off wheel arches with cladding, roof rails, expansive glass areas, and sturdy rear quarter panels. While the overall silhouette remains familiar, the rear boasts inverted Y-shaped LED tail lights, a visually smaller rear windshield, and a higher load lip for the boot. 2024 Renault Duster New Gen The enhanced rear silver element and a more pronounced split roof spoiler draw attention, reminiscent of the Kiger’s rear—a detail that hardly disappoints. Additionally, the rear door handles seem repositioned on the C-pillars rather than in their usual location. Regarding powertrains, various rumors swirl around potential options for the upcoming Duster, keeping enthusiasts guessing. Details about features remain undisclosed, hinting at a concise brochure that could help keep costs competitive. More comprehensive information is expected to be unveiled tomorrow, on November 29th.