2023 Bajaj Pulsar 220F Spotted in Black With Blue Graphics - Live Photos

2023 Bajaj Pulsar 220F Spotted in Black With Blue Graphics - Live Photos

The Bajaj Pulsar 220F, which was discontinued last year, is making a comeback. The bike is already in production, and deliveries are set to begin in the coming weeks. According to a recent leak, the launch price would be around Rs 1.40 lakhs. Bajaj should have no trouble relaunching the Pulsar 220F because it was already BS6 compliant when it was discontinued. It will only need to meet OBD-2 standards, which will go into effect on April 1, 2023.

Photos of the plant's first batch of new Pulsar 220Fs have gone viral. They reveal that the bike is the same as it was when it was discontinued. The Pulsar 220F is a semi-faired motorcycle with a prominent headlight cowl, shoulder fairing, and engine cowl. A large windscreen, LED projector headlamp, and halogen turn indicators. A clip-on handlebar, carbon-fibre design elements, split seats, and an upswept exhaust are key features.

The Pulsar 220F was phased out following the introduction of the Pulsar 250 twins. This was done despite the fact that 220F was in high demand in certain parts of the country. Bajaj appears to have been looking for the best possible environment to promote the 250 twins. Because dealerships continue to receive requests for the 220F, the decision was made to relaunch the bike.

The Pulsar 220F's popularity can be attributed to its high-performance engine. The Pulsar 220F had a 220cc engine that produced 20.9 hp of max power and 18.5 Nm of peak torque when it was discontinued. The power output is greater than that of the 350cc Royal Enfield Classic, which produces around 20 hp. Even with OBD-2 compliance, the power and torque output of the Pulsar 220F is unlikely to change.

The majority of the equipment list is expected to be the same as before. Telescopic front forks and dual rear shock absorbers are standard on the Pulsar 220F. In comparison, 250 twins have mono-shock rear suspension. The Pulsar 220F has disc brakes on both ends, as well as single-channel ABS.

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Which one should I buy – Bajaj Pulsar 220F or Pulsar 180 DTSi?
2022-12-29 06:10:21 AM
You should go for Bajaj Pulsar 220F instead of the 180 DTS-i as the bigger Pulsar is one of the most effective motorcycle that you can buy under INR 1 lakh. It comes with a powerful 220 cc engine producing 20.8 BHP at 8500 rpm and 19.12 Nm at 7000 rpm. It comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox and sprints from 0-100 kmph in just 10.5 seconds. Pulsar 220F weighs just 150 kg and claims a top speed of 134 kmph. The higher speeds are shown due to speedometer errors on the bike. It comes with a price tag of INR 91,200 (ex-showroom Delhi) for the 2017 model. Know more about Bajaj Pulsar 220F here - https://autos.maxabout.com/bikes/bajaj/pulsar/pulsar-220f
Should I buy Bajaj Pulsar 220F?
2022-12-29 06:08:57 AM
Hello Sidharth, the AS200 has not actually failed from the performance perspective while the low sales number is the reason to bring the failure tag close to it. The Pulsar 220F is a great motorcycle for sure but its typical rear half section feels outdated for a motorcycle of this class. If faired is your first choice, you only have the choice between Pulsar AS200, 220F, Yamaha Fazer and Suzuki Gixxer under INR 1 lakh. Lack of option and least difference between the prices of 150 cc others and 220 cc Pulsar makes it  the clear winner out of all. However, the KTM sourced 199.5 cc motor is more refined and uses more technology on the AS200. If you plan to keep your bike with you for next 4-5 few years, do consider your favorite instead of going over low market value and resale prices.
Why Bajaj Pulsar 220F does not have a 6th gear and single suspension at the back?
2022-12-29 06:08:10 AM
Bajaj Pulsar 220F belongs to an old generation of motorcycles which were fitted with a a 5-speed gearbox and the use of 6-speed gearbox as well as monoshock was limited to expensive bikes. If Bajaj would have updated the same with technologies like fuel injection and others, the motorcycle would have costed around 1,25,000 at that time. Now they cannot do the same as it will cannibalize the sales of higher variants like AS200 and RS200. If someone wants loads of technology, RS200 is the option while if brute power is the need, Pulsar 220F manages it well.
Which is the best sports bike to buy? Either Honda CBR250R or Bajaj Pulsar 220F?
2022-12-29 06:06:09 AM
Pulsar 220 F is the best bike as it offers the most powerful engine at the best price tag in the Indian market. The CBR250R is a bit expensive at INR 2 lakh on road but performs better due to its bigger engine whereas the Bajaj Pulsar 220F comes with an economical price tag and performs excellently well in its class. It is powered by an oil cooled 220 cc engine producing 20.8 BHP and 19.12 Nm of torque. The bike weighs 15 kg less than the CBR and comes with a top speed of 134 kmph.
Which one should I buy: Royal Enfield or Bajaj Pulsar 220F?
2022-12-29 06:03:56 AM
Your friends are right about the Pulsar. It has speed. It is cheaper to maintain. But Royal Enfield is not about speed, maintenance or stunts on the road. It's about personality, it's about the attitude, it's about brotherhood among RE fans. It's about being royal on the road. Give it a test drive bro and decide yourself.