Don't Buy KWID. Go for Hyundai EON.

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Reviews for Renault KWID RXT (800cc)
Saravanakumar | Updated 5 years ago
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Worst experience...I booked KWID RxT on June for 4.47 lakh. Last week, my car arrived at Showroom. Afttat, I'm going to settle the payment. That time, sales manager said that the price is increased by 10000. I shocked. That means, the cost of the car is 4.57 lakh. They try to compromised us. But, I am not suppose to compromise. May be some demand on KWID. So they used to collect the money from the customers. The prize is increased by monthly. For ex: car prize 1% increased on July. Accessories prize increased Rs.4000 on August because of their demand. I'm the only reason in my family for buy KWID. But, I disappointed totally now. My bro said that we are all going to buy Hyundai eon. So, we went to Hyundai Showroom. They give some discount on price & more on accessories, etc., At this price range of KWID Rs.4.57, we may buy Hyundai eon sports version (almost top end). Afttat, I canceled the booking of KWID. I never expected these kind of response from Renault. Renault company team said to them that no negotiation on price. They used customers for money only, Not for customer satisfaction. Now, we are going to buy Hyundai eon. They said clear price details for eon. Not like Renault. That time, I realized that top manufacturer proved their good response to the customers like Hyundai.

Best Features: Compare eon interior with kwid interior. Definitely you choose eon.

Pros: Design and space

Cons: Plastic materials

Built Quality
Value For Money
Customer Service

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