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Srijith - | Updated One year ago
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I own Accent executive 2011 model, I'm the second owner actually. After watching Fast n Furious series and Tokyo Drift movie also its theme music, I felt to learn driving, went to driving school, learnt, got DL then planned for Maruti Swift but couldn't get as per my budget and Accent was my second option. Searched for the black one, took it for a test drive and the hated thing which I liked was "Hitting an auto rickshaw while on half clutch with very slight throttle", I gotta know to the pickup n power but unfortunately couldn't buy black due to finance issues. Waited for more than a year, saw a metallic grey one, parked in wide angle, felt like "Phaaa, look at the legend", took a test drive, liked it and owned it, power steering was so best where we can handle easily in any roads, half clutch n slight throttle spins the wheel, then it just wrooms within seconds, atomic pickup in performance, best breaking as your mind says the spot where you wanna stop. Also its so comforts for 5 people to travel, best and hard built. I'm from bangalore, I rarely take my Accent on road (but not everyday or every week) but had been into gully, busy and congested areas, had been to ghat section and many highways but Accent is still at its best, in our control. Even there is Cons which is not so highlighted. Pickup, power slightly drops when we turn on AC but after after crossing 15kmph its back to normal also mileage drops by 2 or 3kmpl. I usually get 12kmpl in city limits and 16 or 17kmpl in highways without AC but still roads highlights Hyundai Accent whenever it enters onto, Accent at its top best and drivers make them legend.

Best Features: Power windows, Central Locking, Stereo with 4 Speakers, Good Handling, Pickup, Power and Performance at ghat section roads and highways.

Pros: Looks, Performance, Power, Comfort, Handling, drive.

Cons: Very slight power drop when AC is On, Mileage

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