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Reviews for Yamaha R15 Streaking Cyan
Mark coelho | Updated 6 years ago
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The bike initially had a problem in its ecu unit..which Yamaha first refused to change but then after literally showing them the problem changed the whole unit.Over priced parts for no reason.The brakes are really bad especially the rear one..after every 10,000kms the brakes pads and disc had to be changed.The mileage is really good. A perfect bike for the city with looks and power but its not comfortable at all, the pillion rider cant sit properly and for the rider the position is not right, if you are tall not all suitable.The clutch wire keeps snapping that shows the quality. I recently bought an KTM RC390 which is way better than the services provided by Yamaha and the maintenance is quite cheaper too..its been a year now with the Yamaha R15 V2.0 and id suggest not to buy the bike

Best Features: Looks and performance ... A 149cc touching 138 top speed is really sweet

Pros: Looks sporty and feels smooth. Has good milage.

Cons: Braking system is not good. The instrumental units are too outdated. Needs abs.over priced.

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