Amazing looks for sure .. that is what I bought the scooter for ... really nothing more on offer

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Gaurav Patel | Updated One year ago
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I just bought this scooter 2 weeks back, I bought it solely for its looks and surely won't disappoint with that, but otherwise it is just an average scooter. So far the mileage I get is just around 30 kmpl, but I assume that should increase after the first servicing. The sitting is like most of the bike scooters uncomfortable, my back ache's in just 30 minutes of ride even on highways. The built quality isn't all that great, it is all plastic and fiber but for the given price I would not complain specially with the looks the scooter has got. The handling though the scooter has is amazing..I have tried all the scooters but no one feels so secured when driving like this one .. it feels like a bike..while other scooters there is always a feeling if you are a bike rider that you might just slip off .. but this drives and handles like a bike

Best Features: Balancing is good compared to other scooters

Pros: The looks are amazing .. long seat and good space below the seat, good balancing

Cons: Built quality isn't that great, very basic instrument cluster, mirror gets loose all the time

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