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Seat Alhambra

Rs. 16,00,000 - Rs. 16,00,000
Expected End 2015
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Seat Altea

Rs. 8,50,000 - Rs. 8,50,000
Expected End 2015
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Seat Exeo

Rs. 17,00,000 - Rs. 17,00,000
Expected End 2015
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Seat Ibiza

Rs. 7,00,000 - Rs. 7,00,000
Expected End 2015
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Seat Leon

Rs. 9,50,000 - Rs. 9,50,000
Expected End 2015
Company Details


  • Founded: 1950
  • Country: Spain
  • Owner: Volkswagen Group
  • Headquarters: Martorell, Catalonia, Spain

SEAT is a Spanish automobile manufacturer Company and founded on May 9, 1950 by the Instituto Nacional de Industria that is INI who is a state-owned industrial holding company. This is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Volkswagen Group as a member of the Audi Brand Group that is together with Audi and Lamborghini. The SEAT brand itself has been developed as a group with subsidiary companies and SEAT as the parent company. The headquarters of SEAT are located at SEAT's industrial complex in the Martorell near Barcelona, Spain. With 3-quarters of the annual production being exported to over seventy countries worldwide. The name SEAT, previously standing for the acronym Sociedad Espa├▒ola de Autom├│viles de Turismo that is a Spanish Touring Car Company, in English in the year 1990 was changed to SEAT.