Hero CBZ Xtreme vs Hero Hunk?

Updated On: 26 Jun, 2014 | 3962 views
Author: Maxabout Team

These two bikes from the same manufacturer are more or less the same. The have the same starting value of self-start. The wheelbase of the two bikes does not differ, as they are all 1325 mm and a wheel type value of alloy on both. The pricing also do not differ much, but the Hero CBZ Xtreme is a bit costly than the Hero Hunk.

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The only notable differences on the two bikes are on the acceleration speed and the fuel tank capacity. The Hero Hunk takes 5.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-60kmph;on the other hand, the Hero CBZ Xtreme takes 5.7 seconds. The Hero CBZ Xtreme has a fuel tank capacity of 12.3 litres while the Hero Hunk prides of a whopping 14 litres fuel tank. Both the two bikes are suitable for day to day commuting and are both comfortable.

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