Zontes Unveils Exciting 700cc ADV Motorcycle Concept

Zontes Unveils Exciting 700cc ADV Motorcycle Concept

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Zontes has recently unveiled an exciting new adventure-touring motorcycle concept known as the ZT 703 F. While specific details are yet to be disclosed, the motorcycle enthusiasts' community is buzzing with anticipation, speculating that the production version might hit the market by late next year.

Innovative Engineering and Chassis Design

The ZT 703 F is built on a cutting-edge aluminum frame and swingarm, strategically designed to keep the overall weight of the motorcycle at an optimal level and this choice in construction materials reflects Zontes' commitment to achieving a balance between durability and agility essential for a competent adventure-touring bike.

Powering the Adventure: A New Inline-Three Engine

At the heart of the Zontes ZT 703 F lies a newly developed 699cc inline-three-cylinder engine. This powerful motor recently introduced by Zontes delivers an impressive performance of 100bhp at 9000rpm and 85Nm at 7200rpm and Zontes' commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation in the bike business is demonstrated by their adoption of this cutting-edge engine.

Hardware Highlights: A Blend of Functionality and Style

The ZT 703 F boasts a set of distinctive hardware features, including a 21-inch spoke wheel at the front and an 18-inch rear spoke wheel and this combination is carefully chosen to enhance the motorcycle's off-road capabilities while maintaining stability and control on various terrains. The adventure-ready design is further emphasized by crash guards, pannier stays, and a sizable windscreen.

Aesthetics and Design Language

In terms of aesthetics, the ZT 703 F showcases a unique design language drawing inspiration from iconic adventure-touring motorcycles. The front-end design appears reminiscent of the Honda Africa Twin, while the rear design elements seem to echo characteristics found in the BMW R1250 GS. Notably, the LED light setup and the distinct shape of the twin exhaust pipes add a touch of sophistication to the motorcycle's visual appeal.

The Road Ahead: Production Possibilities

While currently presented as a concept, there is a strong indication that the Zontes ZT 703 F could transition into a production model. The motorcycle community eagerly awaits the official details and specifications that will accompany the production version, with expectations set for a potential market entry in the latter part of the upcoming year.


With the release of the ZT 703 F Concept Zontes has demonstrated its dedication to leading the adventure-touring motorcycle market. For riders seeking the perfect mix of performance and off-road capability in their two-wheeled adventures the ZT 703 F with its innovative chassis design, new inline-three engine, and distinctive appearance offers an exciting future.