Zanco Tiny T1 - The World's Smallest Phone

Zanco Tiny T1 - The World's Smallest Phone

Zanco Tiny T1 was recently listed on a Kickstarter campaign. The phone was entered with a goal of $33,480 while $29,524 from the same has been achieved till date. Primary focus of the phone is calling and texting, which becomes clear from the alphanumeric keyboard. The world's smallest phone can store up to 50 call logs and 50 SMS at a single time. If compared with everyday smartphones, it feels like the phone was never built. It is smaller than an average thumb and fits in almost any pocket size. Not just that, a coin even weighs more than the Zanco Tiny T1. [caption id="attachment_167394" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Zanco Tiny T1 Zanco Tiny T1 - The World's Smallest Phone[/caption] The fully functional example of Tiny T1 weighs just 13 grams, making it extremely lighter in comparison to everyday phones that weigh almost 150 grams. As the name goes, the screen is also tiny at just 12.5 mm. The thickness of Zanco Tiny T1 is more than a traditional phone at 12 mm. It comes with features like nano SIM card slot, micro USB charging port and 13 voice changers. The feature can actually help you have fun with your friends by changing your voice and talking like a stranger. Zanco Tiny T1 comes with 32MB of RAM and 32MB of internal storage.

Zanco Tiny T1

The 200mAh battery on the phone is ultralight and offer up to 3 days of standby time. It is purely a 2G phone and thinking about data services from the same is totally fictional. The phone will get signals everywhere till 2025 as Europe and UK market will phase out the 2G network around this time period. The super early bird offer on the phone will help you get your hands on the device at just 30 Euros (INR 2300 roughly). Shipping will start around May 2018 and most countries around the globe are included on the list. Zanco Tiny T1

Zanco Tiny T1 - The World's Smallest Phone

Zanco Tiny T1 Zanco Tiny T1 Zanco Tiny T1 Zanco Tiny T1

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Zanco Tiny T1 Dimensions

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