Yamaha Organises 'Mileage Challenge Activity' in Cochin

Yamaha Organises 'Mileage Challenge Activity' in Cochin

To create awareness amongst the customers on the superior mileage of its 125cc Hybrid scooter model range, India Yamaha Motor (IYM), along with its authorized dealerships in Cochin - Peringhat Motors, Indel Automotives and Sri Vigneswara Motors, organized a Mileage Challenge Activity.

Yamaha has an awesome hybrid scooter, 125cc, compiled of Fascino 125 Fi hybrid, Ray ZR 125 Fi Hybrid and Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid. Here, for supporting these amazing vehicles, Yamaha recently organized an event in Cochin.

In this event, more than 100 Yamaha customers participated in the activity. The event was organised in the presence of Yamaha’s Senior Management members. There was an attendance of all three top-tier dealers. There were also VIPs and customers who attended this wonderful activity.

The activity started with an introductory note given especially for the participants to encourage them to be a part of the organized event. This grand opening was followed by a fuel fill-up task for their scooters. They were made to do this task before they started their 30-kilometre ride challenge. This ride covered a mixture of city traffic, open roads as well as unplanned locations which altogether could be called unplanned pathways, to generate excitement.

Such a road trip was also planned for checking the scooter’s various parameters, such as suspension, manoeuvrability, braking as well as acceleration performance. The initial pick-up of the scooter was also made to coincide with this long trip activity.

After the racers returned to their venue, the scooters of the riders were refilled. It was done to check and compare the earlier level of fuel in the vehicle and the amount used for calculating the mileage.

To conclude, a special mention of the awards given should be mentioned here. For example, souvenirs were distributed with free water wash as well as a 10-point inspection of the riders’ scooters. The toppers were given and felicitated with amazing achievement trophies and certificates with gift cards given as well. This certification and motivation were done for encouraging the riders for their achievement and placing themselves for covering the highest mileage so far.