Yamaha Introduces New Colors for FZ, FZ-X, and R15 Models

Yamaha Introduces New Colors for FZ, FZ-X, and R15 Models

Yamaha, a prominent player in the Indian motorcycle market is making noteworthy expansions to its product portfolio signaling a robust comeback to the multi-cylinder motorcycle segment. This resurgence was evident with the recent launches of the YZF-R3 and MT-03, both representing Yamaha's first foray into multi-cylinder motorcycles in India after a significant hiatus. Not content with just introducing new models, Yamaha is now focusing on injecting fresh vitality into its existing lineup by unveiling a captivating array of new colors for its premium motorcycles in the calendar year 2024.

Teasers from Team Blue on numerous social media sites increased the expectations for these new colors. Initially, there were speculations that these vibrant additions might be destined for Yamaha's scooters, as the company has often found itself just outside the top ten best-selling scooters in the Indian market. However, the unveiling on January 9th revealed that the new colors were, in fact, directed at Yamaha's FZ street bikes, the FZ-X neo-retro model, and the R15 faired motorcycle. Each of these motorcycles receives a distinct set of colors showcasing Yamaha's commitment to offering diverse options to cater to varied consumer preferences.

Yamaha's deliberate choice to launch new hues accomplishes several goals. Firstly, it aims to infuse a sense of freshness into its existing lineup keeping the models current and appealing to a wide range of riders. Secondly, this move is part of Yamaha's broader strategy to expand its sales reach and solidify its competitive position against key rivals in the Indian market including Hero, Bajaj, and TVS.

Let's delve into the specific details of the new colors introduced by Yamaha for its different motorcycle models:

FZ Version 4.0 DLX, FZ-S Version 3.0, and FZ FI (2024)

Yamaha's approach to introducing new vehicles typically involves retaining the older models, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse portfolio. This is evident in the FZ lineup, where the 2024 FZ-S FI Version 3.0 receives the Matte Grey color, priced at Rs. 1,21,700 (ex-showroom). The 2024 FZ-S FI model gets the new Matte Cyan color, priced at Rs. 1,16,500 (ex-showroom).

FZ-S FI Version 4.0 DLX (2024)

While there are no new colors added to the FZ-S FI Version 4.0, the DLX variant now comes in three fresh colors: Racing Blue, Matte Black, and Majesty Red, all priced at Rs. 1,29,700 (ex-showroom).

FZ-X (Matte Titan - 2024) and Upcoming FZ-X Chrome

The FZ-X range sees the addition of the Matte Titan color, priced at Rs. 1,37,200 (ex-showroom). Yamaha is also set to introduce a new Chrome color for the FZ-X, enhancing the bike's neo-retro theme. The FZ-X Chrome, priced slightly higher at Rs. 1,37,200 (ex-showroom), will be available for sale starting February 2024, while the Matte Titan color is available immediately.

YZF-R15 (2024)

The YZF-R15, Yamaha's flagship model for an extended period, receives three new captivating colors: Vivid Magenta Metallic, Racing Blue, and Metallic Red. These vibrant colors adorn the standard R15, not the M version with additional features, and are priced at Rs. 1,87,000 (ex-showroom) for Vivid Magenta Metallic and Racing Blue, and Rs. 1,82,000 (ex-showroom) for Metallic Red.

Strong pink details set against a grey base coat make Vivid Magenta Metallic stand out as a distinctive and eye-catching feature of the motorcycle. The customer reception for this distinctive color is eagerly awaited.


Yamaha's decision to update the visual aesthetics of its motorcycle range in addition to offering an alluring selection of new colors is noteworthy. By providing a varied and updated lineup it demonstrates the brand's strategic strategy to being competitive in the Indian market. In addition to giving the models a fresh lease on life, these new colors show how well Yamaha understands the diverse tastes of Indian motorcyclists thereby enhancing its position in the fiercely competitive motorcycle market.