Yamaha FZ V3 and FZS V3 Accessories Price List - Starts From Rs 175!

Yamaha FZ V3 and FZS V3 Accessories Price List - Starts From Rs 175!

At present, the BS6-compliant models of the 150cc Yamaha FZ series are available in India with 9 official accessories. The practical duo may not feel as easy on the pocket as the last-gen BS4-compliant variants, but the prices of the accessories are pretty reasonable. The price range of official accessories starts from INR 175 for the tank pad and goes all the way up to INR 3,000 for the Bluetooth Connectivity Kit. The mobile phone USB charger is one of the must-have accessories and it is available for INR 750.

2020 BS6 Yamaha FZS V3
BS6 Yamaha FZS V3

The tank pad saves the most vulnerable part of the fuel tank from scratches while the skid plate can help with the underbody protection when riding on rough surfaces. The rear footrest is great for those who ride with a pillion at most times. The graphic set is merely a visual enhancement tool and getting the same is a personal choice as customers are divided on this fact, with many liking single-tone paint schemes while some of them love modern graphics on their motorcycle. Here is the official price list for the Yamaha FZ V3 and FZS V3 accessories:

FZ V3 and FZS V3 Accessories

Official Price List

  1. Tank Pad: INR 175
  2. Skid Plate: INR 300
  3. Seat Cover: INR 300
  4. Rear Footrest: INR 400
  5. USB Charger: INR 750
  6. Graphic Set: INR 800
  7. Engine Guard: INR 800
  8. LED Flashers: INR 1,490
  9. Bluetooth Connectivity Kit: INR 3,000
Tank Pad: INR 175
Yamaha FZ & FZS V3 Tank Pad for INR 175
Skid Plate: INR 300
Yamaha FZ & FZS V3 Skid Plate for INR 300
Seat Cover: INR 300
Yamaha FZ & FZS V3 Seat Cover for INR 300
Rear Footrest: INR 400
Yamaha FZ & FZS V3 Rear Footrest for INR 400
USB Charger: INR 750
Yamaha FZ & FZS V3 USB Charger for INR 750
Graphic Set: INR 800
Yamaha FZ & FZS V3 Graphic Set for INR 800
Engine Guard: INR 800
Yamaha FZ & FZS V3 Engine Guard for INR 800
Yamaha FZ & FZS V3 Flashers
Yamaha FZ & FZS V3 LED Flashers for INR 1,490