Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 - Fresh Look with Two New Colors

Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 - Fresh Look with Two New Colors

Yamaha Motor India has recently taken the wraps off its latest model of the popular FZ series, the Yamaha FZ-S FI V4. This upgraded model is now available in two attractive new colors : Dark Matte Blue and Matte Black. These new shades not only redefine style but also add a touch of elegance to the bike, appealing to riders looking for both good looks and performance. 

The addition of these new colors to the Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 collection provides new buyers an interesting option. If you prefer a color that conveys elegance and depth, the Dark Matte Blue could be the right match. However, if you want a color that displays modernism and urban stylish, Matte Black may be the best option for you. Yamaha has actively provided such options, allowing users to match the color of their bike to their personality and style.


The Dynamic Duo: Dark Matte Blue and Matte Black

The addition of these new colors gives the Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 a fresh start on life. Dark Matte Blue expresses depth and expertise, whereas Matte Black arises a shining and modern vibe. These daring and attractive decisions give riders yet another reason to prefer the FZ-S FI V4 above its rivals. Let's take a closer look at these colors and how they bring a new depth to the already popular FZ-S FI V4.

Dark Matte Blue: A Depth of Character

Dark Matte Blue is a color with personality and depth. As soon as you see it, you're transported into a world of elegance and mystery. It's an out-of-the-ordinary color that adds a touch of refinement to the bike. Consider the FZ-S FI V4 in this one-of-a-kind color, reflecting the expanse of the night sky and conveying a sense of mystery appeal. The FZ-S FI V4 in Dark Matte Blue is more than simply a bike; it's a fashion statement and an icon of appeal.


Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 - Fresh Look with Two New Colors - image


Matte Black: Sleek and Urban

Matte Black, on the other hand, conveys a sleek, urban vibe. It's a color that displays modernism and freshness. Matte finishes are known for their ability to make a big statement while remaining discreet, and Matte Black is no exception. Consider the FZ-S FI V4 in Matte Black drifting through city streets, gives urban flair. It's a timeless color that never goes out of style, displaying a confident and modest allure.


Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 - Fresh Look with Two New Colors - image


Key Features of Yamaha FZ-S FI V4

The Yamaha FZ-S FI V4, with its latest model, boasts a range of features that rise the riding experience to a whole new level. Here are the key highlights:

Fresh Colors: The FZ-S FI V4 is now available in striking new colors - Dark Matte Blue and Matte Black, enhancing the visual appeal.

Engine: Powered by a robust 149cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine, the FZ-S FI V4 delivers a peak power of 12.4 PS and a peak torque of 13.3 Nm.

Transmission Options: The bike is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission or an AMT unit, providing smooth and efficient gear shifts.

Fuel Injection (FI) Technology: The FI technology ensures responsive throttle control and smooth fuel consumption.

Safety Features: The FZ-S FI V4 is equipped with single-channel ABS for enhanced safety during braking, contributing to a secure riding experience.

Digital Instrument Cluster: A digital instrument cluster provides essential information to the rider at a glance, promoting better visibility and control.

LED Lighting: LED headlight and tail light not only enhance visibility but also contribute to the bike's modern and stylish design.

Comfortable Seat: The bike features a comfortable seat designed for extended rides, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Traction Control System: The FZ-S FI V4 offers a traction control system, adding an extra layer of safety during rides.


Pros and Cons of Yamaha FZ-S FI V4


Stylish Design: The new colors and stunning design make the FZ-S FI V4 visually appealing, turning heads wherever it goes.

Efficient Engine: The 149cc engine delivers a powerful yet efficient performance, making it suitable for both city commuting and long riding.

Reliable Brand: Yamaha's renowned build quality and reliability add to the appeal, assuring a durable and long-lasting bike.

Advanced Technology: With features like ABS, digital instrument cluster, and LED lighting, the FZ-S FI V4 embraces modern technology for a safer and convenient ride.


Price: The FZ-S FI V4, though feature-packed, might be on the higher side in terms of price compared to some competitors.

Limited Color Options: While the new colors are attractive, having more color options could provided to a broader range of rider preferences.

Limited Engine Options: Currently, the FZ-S FI V4 is available with a 149cc engine. Offering more engine variants could give riders more choices based on their riding needs.



With a launch price of Rs. 1,28,900 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 in these new colors is an excellent option for bike enthusiasts. These prices make it competitive in the market, putting it in direct competition with models like the Suzuki Gixxer, Honda CB Hornet 160R, and the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V.


Yamaha has offered riders the opportunity to characterize their biking trip in their own unique style with the introduction of Dark Matte Blue and Matte Black. Whether you select with the mysterious Dark Matte Blue or the modern Matte Black, your Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 will stand out everywhere you go. Ride in style, letting your bike express your personality - bold, elegant, and all about you. However, it's worth noting that the design has been around for a while, and an overall update of the FZ-S is eagerly awaited.

Finally, the Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 in its new variations displays Yamaha's dedication to combine style and performance in a single stunning package. Yamaha believes that by using these appealing colors, it would be able to captivate the hearts of riders and maintain its place in a crudely competitive market.