Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro Smart Electric Scooters Officially Unveiled

Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro Smart Electric Scooters Officially Unveiled

Xiaomi Smart Electric Scooters Officially Unveiled: The well-known electronic and smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has recently launched two new smart scooters in China. Christened as A1 and A1 Pro, these electric scooters have been introduced with a price tag of 2,999 yuan (INR 33,000) and 3,999 yuan (INR 43,000) respectively. Going by the design traits, both the smart electric scooters look the same and there is no space for a pillion rider. The suspension duties are handled by telescopic forks at the front and a set of conventional twin shocks at the rear. The brand has made the A1 and A1 Pro feature-loaded as they are equipped with a full-colour instrument cluster with GPS navigation in addition to getting a 1080p wide-angle camera allowing the users to record their rides. The footage will be stored on the A1 Pro’s onboard internal storage but for the standard model A1, one will need an external memory stick to store the video clips.

Xiaomi A1 Pro Official Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNAadAD7QWY Both the smart electric scooters have been designed to be used as a daily commuter vehicle and will go up to 25 kmph. The top speed of the A1 and A1 Pro complies with China’s laws regarding electric mopeds. As per the official video released by Xiaomi, the A1 Pro features a wide touchscreen infotainment panel. Coming to the electric range, the A1 has a claimed range of 60km whereas the A1 Pro can travel up to 70km because of its 9.6kWh battery pack which is larger than A1’s 7.68kWh unit. The battery is removable so that one can carry it up to a charging socket inside the office or home. The A1 and A1 Pro smart electric scooters are on sale in China only, and as of now, the company has not mentioned its plans on introducing them in the Indian market. Well, Xiaomi could launch the scooters in our country as they have a good brand name in India and they have gained a lot of popularity through their budget-friendly and feature-loaded smartphones.

Official Photos of Xiaomi Smart Electric Scooters

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