Volvo Partners with Starbucks to Roll Out EV Fast Chargers

Volvo Partners with Starbucks to Roll Out EV Fast Chargers

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Volvo Car USA and Starbucks have successfully launched the inaugural public electric-vehicle fast charging network.  Fifty Volvo Cars-and-Starbucks-branded DC fast chargers at 15 Starbucks locations along a 1,350-mile route between the Denver area and Seattle make charging Volvo and other fully electric vehicles as easy as going to Starbucks. These chargers, placed about every 100 miles on average, can add up to 110 miles of charge in as little as 15 minutes on 2024 model year and newer Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge models.

The effort gives EV drivers a string of familiar places to recharge themselves and their cars. While their vehicles are recharging outside, drivers and their passengers can relax comfortably inside with their favorite Starbucks beverage.


1. The Pioneering Partnership: The objective is clear: to establish a user-friendly and widely accessible charging network that aligns with the convenience and familiarity of Starbucks locations.

2. The Charging Network Layout: Fifty DC fast chargers strategically positioned at 15 Starbucks locations create a robust charging network along a 1,350-mile route.

3. User-Friendly Accessibility: With chargers spaced approximately every 100 miles, the network ensures that EV drivers can easily locate and access charging stations along their journey.

4. Accelerated Charging Technology: The DC fast chargers incorporated into this network are designed to accommodate 2024 model year and newer Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge models.  While their vehicles recharge outside, drivers and passengers can enjoy the familiar and welcoming environment of Starbucks, sipping on their favorite beverages and making the charging process a seamless and enjoyable part of their journey.

5. Corporate and Environmental Responsibility: Both Volvo Car USA and Starbucks are showcasing their commitment to corporate and environmental responsibility through this initiative.

6. Looking Ahead: Future Expansion and Integration: As the EV market continues to evolve, the partnership between Volvo and Starbucks is positioned for future expansion and integration.

Key Points  

By embedding Google technology into fully electric Volvo models, the automaker has empowered drivers to seamlessly access the ChargePoint app integrated into the car's interface.

1.Empowering Volvo Drivers: Volvo's integration of Google technology into fully electric models represents a significant leap forward in user convenience. Drivers of these models can now effortlessly locate and access charging stations at participating Starbucks locations through the integrated ChargePoint app.

2. Inclusive Charging for All EVs: Recognizing the diverse landscape of electric vehicles on the road, Volvo, in collaboration with ChargePoint, ensures inclusivity in the charging network. Drivers of other EVs equipped with standard CCS1 or CHAdeMO receptacles can benefit from the partnership by using the ChargePoint smartphone app.

3. Overcoming Charging Infrastructure Reliability Challenges: One of the most significant hurdles to widespread EV adoption has been the perceived unreliability of public charging infrastructure.

4. The Importance of Route Planning: The chosen route for deploying these fast chargers, spanning 1,350 miles between the Denver area and Seattle, is strategic. While the embedded ChargePoint app simplifies the process for drivers, Starbucks provides a familiar and comfortable environment for EV enthusiasts during the charging period.

5. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability: Volvo Car USA's commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability shines through in this initiative.

Drivers of fully electric Volvo models with Google embedded can use the car’s integrated ChargePoint app to find and access stations at participating Starbucks locations, while drivers of other EVs equipped with a standard CCS1 or CHAdeMO receptacle can use the ChargePoint smartphone app.