Volvo EM90 makes global debut - Top highlights

Volvo EM90 makes global debut - Top highlights

Volvo, a reputable Swedish carmaker, has shown the EM90, an all-electric minivan that has been much awaited. This luxury people carrier and the Zeekr 009 MPV, which was created especially for the Chinese market, have the same basic construction and drivetrain. Volvo chooses to launch the EM90 in China first, taking advantage of the fact that MPVs are quite popular in Asian countries. The EM90 will then be made available in markets across the globe. Volvo's choice to match the Zikr 009 MPVs technology is more evidence of their dedication to sustainability and innovation. The electric minivan, which highlights Volvo's support for electrification, is set to have a big impact on the auto industry.

Exterior design

Important features of the Volvo EM90

Distinctive Design

  • With its elegant body panels and moderate posture, the EM90 exhibits the distinctive Volvo design.
  • A split LED headlamp arrangement complements the famous Thor hammer-like LED DRLs on the front end.

Striking Front Profile

  • The front has an elevated face with a blanked-off grille that is studded with LEDs, highlighted by a glowing Volvo logo.

Wheel Options

  • The minivan's alloy wheels, which are 19 or twenty centimetres in diameter and have aero inserts, offer flair and efficiency.

Characteristics LED Tail Lamps

  • The Volvo badging and vertical LED tail lamp configuration on the back of the EM90 provide a unique visual character.

Design Accents

  • The minivan's modern and stylish design is further highlighted by blacked-out pillars, a large glass surface, and a shark fin antenna.

Tech-Driven Safety

  • Fitted using multiple cameras positioned thoughtfully across the car to improve safety and offer a wide perspective.

Convenient Access

  • Rear doors that open electrically make it easier for passengers to get in and out of the car.
  •  Subtle stance and smooth body panels are the design elements.
  • Split LED headlamps up front and LED DRLs that represent Thor's hammer.
  • The front profile features a blanked-off grille with LEDs illuminating the Volvo symbols.
  • 19 or 20-inch alloy wheels with aero inserts are the available wheel options.

Rear Aesthetics

  • Volvo badging illuminated by a vertical LED tail lamp system.

Interior and features

Highlights of the Volvo EM90 Cabin

Premium Seating Configuration

  • Previously available in a six-seat configuration.
  • Retractable and foldable tables make rear captain seats unique.

Luxurious Back Captain Chairs

  • Electronically adjusted with massage capability.
  • A footrest that may be released and reclined for increased comfort.
  • Control panel located on the door.

Features for Entertainment

  • A 15.6-inch rear entertainment screen installed on the roof for passengers in back.

Information at the Cutting Edge

  • At the front is a 15.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system.
  • A 21-speaker music system with Bowers and Wilkins components for superb sound quality.

Advanced Instrument Cluster

  • An innovative and sophisticated display with an all-digital instrument cluster.

Convenience features include wireless charging for on-the-go device charging

  • Customised comfort with multi-zone climate control.
  • Dual-pane sunroofs offers a feeling of freedom and space.
  • Soft lighting for bettering the cabin ambiance.

The EM90, Volvo's newest electric minivan, redefines travel with its mix of luxury and comfort. As soon as guests enter the cabin, they are welcomed by a six-seater arrangement option. With their retractable and foldable tables, electronic adjustments with a massage function, recline, and removable footrest for a luxury experience, the rear captain seats undoubtedly steal the show. Passengers can enjoy entertainment on the 15.6-inch back screen installed on the roof, which is conveniently functioned by a touch panel mounted on the door.

The front of the vehicle displays its advanced technological features with a prominent 15.4-inch touchscreen entertainment system. The musical experience is enhanced by a 21-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system, which offers a handheld symphony. The all-digital instrument cluster gives the dashboard a contemporary look.

The EM90 is made with convenience in mind in addition to entertainment. In addition to providing personalised comfort with multi-zone climate control, a wireless charger powers gadgets. Every ride is made more enjoyable by the ambient lighting, which improves the whole ambience. Safety and support are of the greatest significance and features like 360-degree park assist make parking easier. It is more than just an electric minivan.