Volvo Cars India: 2,423 Cars Sold in CY2023

Volvo Cars India: 2,423 Cars Sold in CY2023

Volvo Cars India has rolled out its annual sales number for the year 2023. The Swedish automaker retailed 2,423 cars in the previous fiscal year when compared to 1,851 units sold in 2022, thereby registering a Y-o-Y growth of 31 per cent. Leading the chart of the top-selling model from the brand was the XC60 SUV followed by the electric SUV, the XC40 Recharge, with 921 units and 510 units sold, respectively. In other news, the car marque hiked the prices of its models from 1 January, 2024. While the XC60 gets an increment of Rs. 1,05,000, the XC90 and the XC40 Recharge have become dearer by Rs. 2,04,900 and Rs. 1,00,000, respectively.

In a resounding testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation, Volvo Cars India has charted a remarkable journey in the automotive landscape, achieving a commendable sales milestone of 2,423 cars in the calendar year 2023. ?

Safety-First Approach: A Cornerstone of Volvo's Success

The success of Volvo Cars in India is still largely attributed to its long-standing safety reputation. Indian consumers have responded favorably to the company's steadfast dedication to putting safety features and cutting-edge technologies first because they place a high value on their own and their loved ones' well-being.

  • Advanced Safety Features: Volvo's emphasis on safety is evident in its vehicles, equipped with an array of advanced safety features.
  • Industry-Leading Crash Tests: The brand's dedication to safety is further highlighted by its commitment to rigorous crash testing. Volvo consistently ranks high in crash test ratings globally, assuring Indian consumers of the resilience and protective capabilities of their vehicles.
  • Innovative Safety Technologies: Volvo Cars India has been at the forefront of introducing innovative safety technologies.
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Standout Models: Driving Success in the Indian Market

Volvo's success in 2023 can be attributed in no small part to its stellar lineup of vehicles that cater to diverse consumer preferences.

  • Volvo XC40: A Compact Marvel: The XC40, Volvo's compact luxury SUV, has been a standout performer in the Indian market.
  • Volvo XC60: A Perfect Blend of Elegance and Power: Positioned as a mid-size luxury SUV, the XC60 has found a sweet spot in the Indian automotive landscape. Elegant design elements, a spacious interior, and a range of engine options cater to those seeking a balance between luxury and performance.
  • Volvo S60: A Dynamic Sedan Offering: The S60 sedan has been a key contributor to Volvo's success in the Indian market.

Sustainable Mobility: Volvo's Green Initiatives in India

In an era where sustainability is a key consideration for consumers, Volvo Cars India has taken significant strides towards promoting green and eco-friendly initiatives.

  • Electric and Hybrid Options: Volvo has been at the forefront of introducing electric and hybrid options to the Indian market.
  • Corporate Sustainability Initiatives: Beyond individual vehicles, Volvo Cars India has implemented corporate sustainability initiatives.

Digital Innovation: Elevating the Ownership Experience

Volvo's success in India is not just limited to the vehicles it produces but extends to the overall ownership experience.

  • Volvo On Call: The Volvo On Call app has become an integral part of the ownership experience. Enabling remote vehicle control, real-time tracking, and access to important vehicle information, Volvo On Call ensures that Volvo owners have control and connectivity at their fingertips.

Strategic Collaborations and Future Outlook

Volvo Cars India's success in 2023 is also a result of strategic collaborations, partnerships, and a forward-looking approach that anticipates and adapts to industry trends.

  • Expansion of Retail Presence: Volvo's success in 2023 may also be attributed to its strategic expansion of retail presence. s change, prioritizes safety, and drives towards a greener and more connected tomorrow.

Commenting on the sales, Jyoti Malhotra, Managing Director, Volvo Car India, said, “2023 has been an impressive year in terms of growth. A 31 per cent growth over the previous year showcases consumer confidence in our product offering and the brand’s commitment to safety, sustainability, and innovative design. The outstanding surge in XC40 Recharge sales and the encouraging response to C40 Recharge highlights the strong customer response to our electric models thus furthering our resolve to launch one new EV model every year.”