Upcoming Royal Enfield Bikes In India - 6 New Motorcycles Are Coming!

Upcoming Royal Enfield Bikes In India - 6 New Motorcycles Are Coming!

Royal Enfield is without a doubt one of the busiest motorbike manufacturers in the world. The business is preparing to debut a slew of motorcycles in the coming months. These future RE motorcycles' test mules have been seen on occasion, providing us with a preview of what's to come.

From a 350cc bike based on the company's successful J-platform to a new 650cc platform. There's a lot to look forward to if you're a RE lover, including the much-anticipated all-new Himalayan with a liquid-cooled engine.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 with J-platform Engine

Since its introduction, the RE Bullet 350 has held the record for the longest continuous 2-wheeler model in production. The workhorse of RE's lineup is the sole model in its 350cc series to use the older, more utilitarian UCE engine. While its competitors use the modern J-platform engine. All is about to change with the forthcoming Bullet 350. The spy images indicate it would have the same J-platform engine and underpinnings.

Himalayan 450 with a Liquid-Cooled Engine 

Since entering the market in 2016, the Himalayan 411 has established itself as a straightforward yet capable bike. The business has enhanced the bike with each update. But one of the most common feedbacks has been a need for greater power to further boost its mile-munching powers. RE has been working on a bigger, more contemporary liquid-cooled Himalayan 450 to fulfil these demands. This redesigned Himalayan will supposedly get more miles without sacrificing its off-road capability. It has upgraded suspension parts in the form of a USD fork and mono-shock, and a set of 21"/18" wire-spoke wheels on either end.

Himalayan 450-Based Roadster

This naked bike is envisioned as the Scram 411 to the existing Himalayan. It promises greater accessibility with characteristics like a lower seat height and smaller cast alloy wheels. The Himalayan 450's liquid-cooled engine appears to be used in this model according to spy images. It has a telescopic front fork rather than the USD fork seen on the Himalayan 450. The seat is a single-piece unit that may be adjusted lower and it appears to use the same gasoline tank. When it is released, this new bike will sit lower than the Himalayan 450 in price and features.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

The Shotgun 650 is intended to follow the Super Meteor 650 to the market. While most mechanicals should be shared, the rider triangle is a significant distinction between the two.

The Super Meteor 650 is the more relaxing of the two, with a more swept-back handlebar that puts the rider in a sofa-like seating position. The Shotgun 650 features mid-mounted footpegs and a shorter handlebar. This puts the rider in a more normal and upright posture.

Another point of distinction between these two bikes is their design. The Super Meteor 650 sports a more conventional cruiser style. It has long, arching fenders and straight twin exhaust pipes plated in chrome. The Shotgun 650 is blacked out more with upswept dual exhaust pipes and shorter cut fenders.

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 with Fairing

The addition of a complete fairing to the RE Continental GT 650 is one of the most popular aftermarket mods. It further enhances its classic racing flair. Even though this isn't currently a Royal Enfield accessory or variation. A future likelihood is indicated by a test mule seen with a bikini fairing. This test mule was seen with only a modest front fairing but mounting points for a full fairing to be installed on the bike. The GT-R 650 is a race-ready, semi-faired variant of the Continental GT 650 that is already in the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup.

Royal Enfield 650cc Scrambler 

Another motorbike slated to join the 650cc lineup is the RE 650cc scrambler. We noticed in the spy photos that it has a two-into-one exhaust with a stubby silencer style that we haven't seen on any RE 650cc model before. It rides on off-road wire-spoke rims (either 19/17-inch or 19/18-inch), has a USD fork, and has twin hydraulic shocks.

Banner Image Source - EIMIOR Customs

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2023-01-05 11:55:09 AM
When it comes to choosing between the Royal Enfield Classic and the Yamaha XSR155, it really comes down to personal preference. The Royal Enfield Classic is a classic, reliable and powerful motorcycle that has been around for decades. The Yamaha XSR155, on the other hand, is a newer motorcycle that is more modern, fuel-efficient and has a more modern design. In terms of performance and reliability, both motorcycles will serve you well. However, if you are looking for a more modern look and want to save money on fuel, the Yamaha XSR155 might be the better option for you.
Which one is more powerful: Royal Enfield Classic 250 or Bajaj Dominar 400?
2022-12-29 06:11:09 AM
There is no Classic 250 on the Royal Enfield lineup. The smallest engine in the Classic series comes in the Classic 350. There is a segment difference between the Bajaj Dominar 400 and the Royal Enfield Classic 350. The Dominar 400 has a 373.3cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine that produces a maximum power of 34.5 hp at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 35 Nm at 6,500 rpm. While on the other hand, the Classic 350 has a 346cc single-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of 19.8 hp and a peak torque of 28 Nm. If you were to compare the power figures solely, the Dominar 400 will come out on the top.
Which one should I buy, Royal Enfield Classic 350 or Dominar 400?
2022-12-29 06:12:49 AM
Dominar 400 is the best option according to your specifications. The bike has much better performance than Royal Enfield Classic 350. The Bajaj Dominar 400 is powered by 373.3cc , single cylinder engine that generates maximum power of 35 PS @ 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 35 NM @ 6500 rpm. The top speed of the bike is 156 kmph and mileage is 30kmpl.
Is Hero Hastur 620 more cool than Royal Enfield Classic 500?
2022-12-29 06:09:10 AM
Hero Hastur and Royal Enfield Classic 500 are two extremely different type of motorcycles. The 499 cc, fuel injected single cylinder Royal Enfield Classic 500 is carrying a big engine with loads of body weight onto it. The engine is relaxed and tuned in the cruiser motorcycle segment while the Hastur on the other hand is street concept with a much bigger 620 cc engine. Hastur takes just 4 seconds for a 0-100 kmph sprint, thanks to its super light body while the top speed sits at 240 kmph. Royal Enfield has a limited top speed of 130 kmph.
Which is better- Royal Enfield Classic 350 or Standard 350?
2022-12-29 06:09:03 AM
Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a better option when compared to the Bullet 350. This is because the former uses a better set of wheels with a disc brake on the front wheel. The Zappers offer better grip and even help in high speed stability. The disc brake shreds speed with ease over the drum unit. The next big thing is the use of electric starter in the Classic 350. It makes the motorcycle much easy to drive than the kick start Bullet 350. Classic 350 is offered in 6 mouth watering shades while the other one is offered in Black shade only.