Upcoming Gensol EV Packs a Punch with Moon Roof, Compact Build, and 200 km Range!

Upcoming Gensol EV Packs a Punch with Moon Roof, Compact Build, and 200 km Range!

The electric mobility space in India is set to welcome a new entrant, the Gensol EV, an ultra-compact 2-seater designed for city driving. Anticipated to premiere in March 2024 this compact electric vehicle is poised to offer a unique driving experience tailored for the bustling urban landscape.

Compact Design and City-Focused Features

?The Gensol EV stands out with its 2-door, 2-seater configuration, specifically engineered for maneuvering through congested city environments. With a promised range of 200 km and a top speed of 80 kmph, it emphasizes suitability for short city commutes. Notably the teaser suggests a distinctive design hinting at a 3-wheeler configuration adding to its uniqueness on the road.

Premium Cabin Experience

?In line with the trend of compact electric vehicles offering premium features, the Gensol EV boasts a well-equipped cabin. Features include a single-pane sunroof, a digital instrument cluster, and a sizable touchscreen infotainment system. LED DRLs and stylish wheels contribute to the overall premium feel of the vehicle.

Manufacturing and Localization

?The Gensol EV will be produced at the company's Pune facility, which includes an in-plant testing track. While details about the extent of battery pack and electric motor localization remain unclear, local manufacturing is a positive aspect for potential cost-effectiveness.

As Gensol prepares to unveil its first electric vehicle in the Indian market the focus on compact design, city-centric features, and a touch of premium elements could position it as a viable option for urban commuters. The uniqueness of its 3-wheeler configuration adds an interesting dimension to the evolving landscape of electric mobility in India. The Gensol EV with its distinct personality aims to offer an eco-friendly and efficient solution for short-distance city travel.