Unveiling TVS Apache RTR 310 - Exciting Upcoming Details

Unveiling TVS Apache RTR 310 - Exciting Upcoming Details

TVS Unveils Exciting Details About the Upcoming Apache RTR 310 Launch

TVS, the leading Indian motorcycle manufacturer, is all set to unveil a groundbreaking addition to its lineup—an all-new Apache street naked bike inspired by the popular Apache RR310. As TVS steps up its competition in the luxury motorcycle category against rivals like KTM's Duke series, Honda's CB300R, and Yamaha's impending MT-03, this upcoming disclosure is expected to spark a fresh wave of enthusiasm in the motorcycle community. 

The centre of attention is firmly fixed on the TVS Apache RTR 310 street naked bike, which is about to offer motorcycle enthusiasts an unprecedented look at its rear seat design, expanding the already impressive range of offerings from the Apache 310 platform. 

Insight into TVS Apache RTR 310 Teaser: A Glimpse of Handlebar and Rear Seat

TVS is gearing up for the grand launch of a fresh Apache street naked bike, building upon the well-established foundation of the popular Apache RR310. While TVS has been gradually revealing glimpses of this much-anticipated model, we are now treated to an even more detailed view of its rear seat design and handlebar. Over the course of the next three days, TVS has exciting plans to release three more teasers, further intensifying the anticipation leading up to the official launch.

The most recent information from the teasers also provides details on the handlebar and the seating layout in the back. The split-raised rear seat position adds a unique feature while the handlebar design supports the bike's street-naked appearance. It's noteworthy that TVS currently offers just one 310cc-based motorcycle in its portfolio, whereas BMW boasts three variants with the same engine capacity. Interestingly, TVS seems to be shifting its attention towards this segment as well.

Further Inferences from the Teaser

The unique rear subframe of the forthcoming Apache street naked bike, which features an eye-catching tail light design, is a prominent design feature. The subframe seamlessly integrates the tail light, and the turn indicators are cleverly embedded into the tire hugger. Let's get into additional specifics.

Powertrain and Insights from Previous Spy Shots

The impending TVS Apache RTR 310 showcases an inherently aggressive and youthful appeal, accentuating a commanding riding posture. A distinct bassy exhaust note, distinct from the Apache RR 310, was captured in a spy video. Notable design features encompass an extended fuel tank with stylish extensions, a tubular handlebar adorned with new mirrors and switchgear, a sharp LED headlight, and an advanced rectangular TFT colour console that comes equipped with connected features and navigation.

Ride modes are expected to be a standard feature, with the powertrain mirroring that of the RR 310. Notably, the exhaust system and engine casing are shared components. A special LED taillight, a rear tire hugger with an integrated LED turn indicator, and a rear tire hugger with an integrated number plate are all featured in the rear design. Notable hardware features encompass USD front suspension, preload-adjustable rear mono-shock, alloy wheels, and efficient disc brakes.

The expected price range for the TVS Apache RTR 310 falls between Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 2.75 lakh. Upon its launch, the primary contenders in the market will likely be the KTM 390 Duke and the Triumph Speed 400. As per brand reservations, the launch is expected to take place on September 6. The TVS Apache RTR 310 is generating quite a buzz in the motorcycling community, and for good reason.


Unveiling TVS Apache RTR 310 - Exciting Upcoming Details - angle
TVS Apache RTR 310 

Main Features

Distinctive Design 

The Apache RTR 310 stands out from the competition thanks to its eye-catching and unusual appearance. This motorcycle commands attention on the road with new design cues like new alloy wheels, a powerful fuel tank, and updated ORVM stalks.

Integrated Tail Light and Turn Indicators

 One of the standout design elements is the unique rear subframe with an integrated tail light and turn indicators. This enhances the bike's appearance and increases its visibility for a safer ride.

Aggressive Riding Posture 

The motorcycle is made to have a dominating and forceful riding position, making it perfect for both adventurous rides and regular commuting.

Connected Features

 The TVS Apache RTR 310 comes equipped with a rectangular TFT colour console that offers connected features, including navigation. 

Powerful Engine

 Under the hood, the powerful 312.2cc engine, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine delivers outstanding performance and exciting acceleration with 34bhp and 27.3Nm of torque.

Variety of Ride Modes

The bike is anticipated to come with a range of riding modes that will let riders adjust their experience to suit various road conditions and preferences.


Innovative Design: The Apache RTR 310 is a powerful, modern design with a fresh take on street-naked aesthetics.

Performance: Riding the bike is fun on both highways and city streets because of how well it operates. It has a powerful engine in addition to the standard riding adjustments.

Advanced Technology: The addition of a rectangular TFT colour console with connected functions improves the whole riding experience by putting cutting-edge technology at your fingertips.

Integrated Safety: The integrated tail light and turn indicators contribute to improved safety on the road by enhancing visibility to other drivers.

Competitive Pricing: Expected to be priced competitively, the TVS Apache RTR 310 offers a blend of performance and style at an attractive price point.


Limited Portfolio: While TVS is making waves with the Apache RTR 310, its current portfolio in the 310cc segment is limited compared to some competitors like BMW.

Intense Riding Position: The aggressive riding posture, while great for spirited riding, might be less comfortable for longer commutes or leisurely rides.

Intense Competition: The motorcycle is entering a highly competitive market segment with established rivals like KTM's Duke series and BMW's offerings.


Final Thoughts

The upcoming TVS Apache RTR 310 is expected to stand out from its sibling, the BMW G 310 R, with a particularly aggressive and distinctive look. The bike promises to provide a thrilling and modern riding experience with its distinctive design elements, commanding riding position, and differentiating features like a bassy exhaust tone, a huge fuel tank, and an inventive Display colour display. But how much it costs will be a major factor in how well the market accepts it. 


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Is TVS Apache RTR 310 good for beginners?
2023-10-09 10:47:07 AM
Is TVS Apache RTR 310 good for beginners?
2023-10-09 10:47:07 AM
Is TVS Apache RTR 310 good for beginners?
2023-09-21 09:08:49 AM

Yes it is good for beginners. I switched from 110cc scooty to TVS Apache RTR 310 bike without having much prior experience with even 312cc bike. It doesnt have that power to scare you like riding duke 390 as a beginner saying. But yes it will give you very good feedback post crossing high rpm or in power band.

Is TVS Apache RTR 310 good for beginners?
2023-10-09 10:47:09 AM
What safety features are available in TVS Apache RTR 310?
2023-09-21 09:06:54 AM

TVS Apache RTR 310 comes with multiple high end safety features like ABS - Anti-lock braking system etc. Most of the safety features are variants dependent.