Unveiling the Potential Design of the Mahindra Thar.e

Unveiling the Potential Design of the Mahindra Thar.e

Mahindra has filed a patent in India for the Thar.e electric SUV concept design, which is set to be released in 2026. On August 15, the all-electric idea made its debut at this year's Indian Independence Day event in Cape Town, South Africa. It was also the first time any 5-door iteration of the popular nameplate was shown, albeit keeping in mind that the ICE Thar 5-door is based on the existing model rather than the Thar EV. So, let's have a look at what these patented photographs have to offer. 

Thar.e: What Can We Discover?

The released photographs show the same 5-door Thar.e that was on display at Mahindra's South Africa event. The square-shaped LED daytime running lights (DRLs), three LED bars, and 'Thar.e' branding on the grille remain. The trademarked image also shows the same chunky alloy wheels filling the large wheel arches and the strong front bumper.

In addition, Mahindra has secured a patent for the dashboard of the electric Thar which features a huge, square-shaped touchscreen interface and a digital instrument cluster. Although not visible in this image, the Thar EV is expected to have a 2-spoke octagonal steering wheel, similar to the concept version.

The Thar EV's front and rear bench seats, which have a square design, are also copyright-protected. These seats are similar to those shown on the concept version of the electric off-roader. The front seat has an integrated headrest, while the rear passengers have roof-mounted headrests, as shown in the design.

The majority of the concept's design elements should be carried over into the production model, despite the fact that these are patented photos, given Mahindra's historical performance. 

Thar.e: Powertrains

There are currently few details available about the Thar.e's electric drivetrain, but it is believed to include a sizable battery pack that will provide a stated range of more than 400 kilometers. Expected to use a two-motor configuration, the electric powertrain may be standard with 4-wheel-drive in addition to terrain-specific drive modes.

Thar.e: More Details And Price

When it is released, the Mahindra Thar.e will compete with the future Maruti Suzuki Jimny EV, which has been confirmed for manufacturing.