Ultraviolette F77 Sportbike India Launch Date Officially Revealed

Ultraviolette F77 Sportbike India Launch Date Officially Revealed

In India, many companies are joining the spotlight on the 2W EV segment. It is critical to establish a firm foothold in this segment right now. Despite the fact that the Indian 2W EV segment is still in its early stages, we have seen many newcomers and mainstream manufacturers charge ahead.

Ultraviolette Automotive is also determined to make a name for itself in this segment. They have announced that their first EV, the Ultraviolette F77, will be released on November 24, 2022.

The company claims over 5 years of research and development, and rigorous testing. F77 is expected to have 70,000 pre-launch bookings from as many as 190 countries. The Ultraviolette F77 will be available in three variants: Airstrike, Laser, and Shadow. Each of these will be designed to reflect a distinct identity and personality.

The F77 is a high-performance electric motorcycle. It receives a hybrid design language that combines elements of a street bike and a faired motorcycle. Adjustable suspension, drive modes, dual-channel ABS, and regenerative braking are among the value-added features.

Ultraviolette has recently begun production trials of the F77 at its Bangalore manufacturing facility. The upcoming EV will be powered by in-house battery technology. F77 passed endurance tests across the country in a variety of terrains and weather conditions.

It gets a streetfighter-style headlight with integrated DRLs and beefy suspension covers to add muscle. The frame and battery pack are hidden behind side panels. At the back, the design is reminiscent of sports bikes, complete with a sleek number plate holder. The riding posture is aggressive, with plenty of leverage and a front-end feel.

It has a mid-mounted motor, and power is sent to the rear wheels via a chain drive. Bengaluru will be the first city to be phased in, followed by others. Ultraviolette plans to launch the F77 in the United States and Europe after it is designed and engineered in India. Information regarding the pricing will be announced at the time of launch.