TVS MotoSoul 2023: Third Edition Returns in Sunny Goa

TVS MotoSoul 2023: Third Edition Returns in Sunny Goa

The third edition of TVS MotoSoul 2023 transformed sunny Goa into a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts, where the thrill of bikes, the rhythm of music, and the excitement of two-wheeled action converged for an ideal weekend getaway. This marked the second installment of MotoSoul in 2023, with the first held in March, and the event's popularity soared even higher. Despite coinciding with the prestigious India Bike Week 2023, MotoSoul managed to captivate attendees over two days, offering a unique blend of motorcycles and festivities, and showcasing TVS's distinctive flavor in the world of motorcycling.

Customized Bikes Stealing the Spotlight

The festival kicked off with the unveiling of a range of specially customized motorcycles stealing the spotlight and tantalizing enthusiasts' imaginations. Among them was a scrambler based on the Ronin platform by the renowned Rajputana Customs, along with two bobbers – one crafted by TVS's Factory Custom team and another by the Indonesian custom motorcycle house, Smoked Garage. However, the undoubted star was the Trickster, a freestyle and stunt motorcycle based on the new Apache RTR 310 platform, skillfully crafted by Smoked Garage. This attention-grabbing bike, equipped with slick tires, a high-mounted exhaust, raised handlebars, and stripped-down bodywork, not only stood as a display model but actively participated in a stunt showcase, underlining its functional prowess.

Diverse Display of TVS Race Bikes

?Enthusiasts were treated to a diverse display of TVS's race bikes, ranging from the iconic TVS 50 – the first two-wheeler the company ventured into racing – to the powerful Apache RR310 race bike, a participant in the ARRC Cup. The showcase also featured TVS Sherco’s 450cc Dakar rally bike and the all-new RTE race bike and this diverse lineup underscored TVS's commitment to various forms of competitive biking showcasing their prowess on the track.

Collaboration with Alpine Stars and New Apache RTR 160 4V Launch

A significant announcement during the festival was TVS Racing's collaboration with Alpine Stars, resulting in a new range of co-branded riding gear. Through this partnership, urban wear, gloves, boots, and jackets were introduced, all of which reflected the mutual benefits that Alpine Stars and TVS share in the motorcycle industry. In addition, the new Apache RTR 160 4V with dual-channel ABS made its formal debut during the festival. This updated model, with a voice assistant feature, shed 2kg from its predecessor, featured a larger 240mm rear disc brake, and debuted in striking lightning blue and matte paint shades.

Electric Excitement: RTE Race Bike Specifications Revealed

?Day 2 of the festival brought a surge of excitement as TVS unveiled the specifications of the all-electric RTE race bike. A part of the TVS Electric One Make Championship, the RTE electric race bike showcased a liquid-cooled motor generating 80hp at 5,500rpm, with a top speed exceeding 200kph. Impressively, it accelerated from 0-100kph one second faster than equivalent ICE motorcycles, boasting a claimed range of five laps around the Madras International Circuit. Built on a central aluminum frame, the RTE featured Ohlins suspension, Pirelli SuperCross SCI tires, and Brembo brakes marking TVS's bold venture into the realm of high-performance electric motorcycles.

Thrilling Activities and Rider Bonding

?Beyond static displays, the festival embraced thrilling activities, including a slow bike race, endurance race, flat tracking sessions, obstacle course race, freestyle, and stunt shows. Enthusiasts and riders actively participated contributing to an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared passion. TVS owners from diverse regions including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Kerala, and the North East, converged in Goa exemplifying the festival's growing popularity and its ability to unite motorcycle enthusiasts.

As the curtains closed on MotoSoul 2023, it left an indelible mark as a platform where enthusiasts could celebrate their love for motorcycles, revel in shared experiences, and collectively create a memorable weekend in the vibrant landscape of Goa.