TVS King Electric Rickshaw Design Leaks

TVS King Electric Rickshaw Design Leaks


TVS, a prominent player in the vehicle manufacturing industry, is gearing up to introduce a new electric rickshaw known as the TVS King Electric. The objective of this three-wheeled electric rickshaw is to offer a sustainable substitute for the conventional auto-rickshaws that are widely available in India. Recent leaks of design patents suggest that the TVS King Electric will closely resemble its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterpart, the TVS King, which is already available in the Indian market.

TVS's Entry into the Electric Mobility Competition

In the rapidly growing electric vehicle market in India, dominated by major players like Mahindra and Bajaj, TVS is making a significant entry with its electric rickshaw. This action is being taken in response to growing competition from the nation's electric mobility startups as well as from well-established original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

TVS's Approach to Electric Last-Mile Mobility

Electric rickshaws, also known as electric Tuk Tuks, serve as a crucial component of last-mile electric mobility. TVS is adopting a strategy commonly used in the industry by modifying the existing ICE King model into an electric version. Trademarks have been filed for both "King Electric" and "King Kargo Electric," indicating potential variations for passenger and cargo transportation.

Design Features and Variations

While detailed specifications of the upcoming electric 3W vehicles from TVS are not yet available, the leaked design patents showcase a familiar exterior, mirroring the design of the ICE King. TVS plans to offer various versions, allowing for different door structures and aesthetic options. Similar to the ICE King's color variations such as Red-Black, Yellow-Black, Green-Yellow, Blue-Black, and Black-Black, TVS is likely to offer a range of choices for the electric model.

Interior and Structure Insights from Design Patents

Examining the design patents, key features include a battery pack positioned beneath the driver's seat, a spare wheel behind the rear seats, and an opaque door for passenger ingress and egress, offering some protection from weather conditions. The front driver compartment with basic instrumentation and passenger space for three occupants in the second row remains standard for both ICE and electric versions.

Expected Performance and Pricing

While specific details about the powertrain and performance specifications are not yet disclosed, TVS is anticipated to equip the King Electric with a decent power setup to compete effectively in the market. The business claims a range of about 200 km on a single charge with a battery capacity of up to 12 kWh. With pricing expected to fall between Rs. 1.5 lakh and Rs. 2 lakh, TVS aims to offer an affordable yet competitive option in the growing electric three-wheeler segment.